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Yhu dnt understand how much yhu mean to me❤️😘yhu change mah.whole life😍 honestly idk where I'd been without yhu in mah.life💋so fkn happy yhu came in mah.life 😊 yhur not only mah.favorite in the whole world but yhur also mah.bestfrand // mah.lover // mah. Happiness // the love of mah life // the person who turnz mah life up side down // also mah everything 😍😘🔐🌹💍 LUV N MISS YHU BOOBOO💋💋🧡🧡 @rxstyteish

This touch mah.heart OMG😩❤️ @wherearetheavocados


Mah.whole life was a mess until the very first day yhu came into this world everything changed 😩❤️ N because of yhu I laugh a little harder,smile every freakin time I'm wit yhu and do alot of crazy shit wit yhu😂yhur like mah.little hero, beautiful soulmate, bestfrand, sometimez I treat yhu like yhur a daughter of mine but yhur not ahah // but I couldn't thnkyhu enough 4 every single day im wit yhu xo yhu mean the world to me, I freakin luv yhu so much darlin 🖤🌹 I'll see yhu so okay darlin❤️

4ever luvin yhu mah.beautiful soul mate😩miss yhu like hella crazy 🤪like we need a reunion soon🤕 member when we went N talk bout shit that we weren't supposed to say🤦🏽‍♀️but no matter what happenz in life I will alwayz know how yhu feel N shit like come on we been through alot of shit bro😂LUV YHU WIT ALL MAH.HEART N SOUL🖤🌹xoxo

I just wanna say Happy 15 birthday beautiful gurl😍🌹thnkyhu 4 all the good times😩 really freakin miss yhu 🤦🏽‍♀️ yhur the QUEEN🤤❤️ have a good one and I'll see yhu when I do xoxo

Old asss tiktok🤪😩🖤🌹

Hai tatiz,just wanna say I fkn miss you tbh, yhu meant so much to me when we were close like bestfrandz n tell each other everything 😣 but honestly I just wanna say I hope life is treating you well n everything n ill see yhu when I do xo A.K.A old as foto, so dnt mind it at all...

Dear Lord... You have taken many of my people,just wonderin was yhu haven't taken mine..💔 ahaha jokin😂 but it is true..

Itz her bestfrand bitch🖤💙xo follow up niggaz✊🏽 @bunnyhun123 btw she's only trying them on😂😂

For those 50 souls that has passed away in New Zealand, i am so sorry for the lost of yhu guys x New Zealand should of been a better place for all kiwi people who grow up here😶 but some malez decide to grab there gunz and hurt people around 😣we all know it's heart breaking but it is what it is 🙏🏽 guess we all have to live with it, we all know there is someone out there that what's to be with yhu but it isn't easy for allot of people to love someone as much as they wanna hurt people 💔 #prayfornewzealand 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💗💗💗

Luv yhu💙 GO GIVE HER FOLLOW UP!! @bunnyhun123

That's mah.life😣🤦!!

Dnt juge me.. you know mah.name but you don't know mah.story🙄🖕🏽

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