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The oh so photographed rainbow bridge on @grovectycollege campus!

One day my friend Anna and I decided to hang out and go and wander about near Leesburg Falls. We get our drinking water there from a fresh spring near by so I suppose there were a few reasons. I had my camera along for the journey and was planning on getting a shot of the falls while we were there, but not to spend much more than 15 minutes or so..because I was hanging out with Anna! We start traversing down the steep and muddy slope to get down to the water below the falls where I thought I might find a cool shot. As I get to the bottom and drop my bag, I see Anna tumbling down the rocks! Not good… I thought I was going to be carrying her out of there, I’m not even kidding. She sat for a minute with her face towards the mud and I put my hand on her and ask if she was okay. We gave it a few minutes and I said that we should get going…it was a bad fall. And then, like something out of an epic movie, Anna, still catching her breathe goes ”Get the shot, you’ve gotta get the shot!” I was like “what?!”. She said, “We came all the way down here and we’re not leaving without that picture!” I quickly listened and took this photo.

Stepping out

If you see something you want, go get it! (Reminding myself)* I have been to this location a bajillion times and knew there was a great photograph just waiting to be captured. It was my go to until I got something I wanted. The first bajillion times I didn’t get anything I wanted. Then, the bajillionth time, right after I spent hours shooting this unreal foggy morning and captured nothing elsewhere, I came to this spot cause I knew there was a photo still waiting to be found here! Then I got it. I came, I saw, I conquered you could say. A minor detail in this that’s often overlooked. -my shadow in the water Thanks for reading🙋🏼‍♂️

Never Lose Your Wonder

Rise and Shine.

A walk through the golden forests today!

A quick edit of a trip to breakneck falls yesterday. Thoughts?

High above Slippery Rock creek as sunset. The clouds broke just in time for the sun to illuminate the one side of the valley just before it set.

Took a brief stroll through the woods today to be fully immersed in the beginning of the changing colors. It all goes so quick, you really need to make a plan to stop in!

Friends and fire.

The coolest engagement photos. They got married yesterday so I can finally share these from a few weeks ago😉

Cloudy all day but the sun came out for the last 10 minutes of its time today. I may have looked like a frantic camera man shooting everything real quick. I long my composure. It was too nice.

Early morning shoot in Goddard State Park.

Caught some fresh air while strolling through the woods today.

The Edge Of Existence

Soooo much learning with this! But pumped to be creating new stuff!

Looking back through my old travel photos, this has become a new favorite. I can still remember the feeling of being on top of this mountain specifically because it was the beginning of something I've never done and the first time I've ever been in such a place. A very unique and raw experience being up in the mountains like we were. Fortunately I've experienced this a few times now. I remember being way up in New Zealand and just thinking about how many people get to have the experience I was offered. Often challenging physically and sometimes mentally but so worth it! I thought it was cool that the only way to get to some places we were was by walking. No airport and heli pad or bus to drop you off, there was a cost and no short cuts! Anyways, it's funny I enjoy this photo so much because I took about 10 seconds to plop my camera on a pile of rocks that marked the trail and run into the photo. What a beaut!

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