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@cher & Winona Ryder in Mermaids (1990). Emily Lloyd was originally cast as Charlotte until Cher said that she didn’t look enough like her to be her daughter so Winona was cast instead. Happy Friday!

This message is so powerful I want you all to read it twice. 💯⁣ ⁣ We live in a world of instant gratification and everybody wanting everything fast but that’s not how real success is made. ⁣ ⁣ Real success and wealth takes time, dedication, hard work, and most of all PATIENCE. 🔥

#FelineFuryFriday #FelineFury #TV #DC #Comics #Batman #Batman66 #SelinaKyle #whipped #Claws #Cats #Badgirls #hearmeroar #PrincessOfPlunder #Gotham #gotmilk #Arkham #catnip #JulieNewmar #AdamWest #BurtWard #Villains #DynamicDuo #Puurfect Gotham City's Princess of Plunder The Catwoman Puuurrfect Julie Newmar Hear Her Roar! 😻🙅💋💖💎📺💰🐱🐾🌏🌆♀🐲🐾🐱

This is probably the most important money advice there is 🙌 📸 credit: @businessadvicedaily

“It’s my scientific spec-iality!” 😊 #neverendingstory

GLAMOUR POST: be prepared to hear how chi chi this photo is. So decided to go to a stunning event at the @annenbergspace. Which is shocking because I am a proud hermit. But I love Wallis Annenberg and everything she does so I decided to go out. Had the loveliest dresses sent to me. Had an intense moment of just hating how my body looked because I am a woman and that’s just how shit goes some days. Remembered I bought myself a dress out of a shop window ala Cher in Moonstruck for New Years Eve but because of the hermit thing I never went out on NYE so found that dress and some random lost shoes in the back of my closet and a pair of earrings I stole from New Girl. My hair is a slept on blow out from the day before that @nickichestnut did and I then threw into a bun and then frantically tried to brush out. My makeup is a full beat from my dearest love @dendoll because I said I don’t know how to stick on lashes and she said just come over ohmygod. And oh yeah I almost missed the entire goddamn event because I couldn’t find Alfie aka @havecatzwilltravel and ran around in 100 degree heat calling for him and jumped my neighbors fence and nearly tore the dress and sweated off half the makeup and finally found him sleeping in the back bedroom and so yeah life is pretty glam and aspirational so soak it up.

Arya has always acted as a mommy towards Hudson. . . . . . . . All photos are taken by us, unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to feature our photos, with attribution. If you feature our photos please tag us IN THE PHOTO not in the caption or comments - Instagram throws away all but the last 100 notifications when you check them, but photo tags stick around and we will see it. Same goes for anyone else wanting to reach us, tag us in a photo or send a DM, otherwise we won't see it. Just be aware that we don't normally feature other accounts, this is about our dogs. Thanks for following us and we love all your likes and comments! ------------ #berner #berneroftheday #bernersofinstagram #bernese #bernesedaily #bernesemountaindog #bestanimal #bmd #dailybernese #dog #dogs #dogscorner #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #mountaindogfeatures #gentlegiant #gentlegiantoftheday #dog_features #bestwoof #dogsofinstaworld #barkbox #puppiesofinstagram #puppies #puppy #pet #petoftheday #petsofinstagram #petstagram #meowvswoof #WeeklyFluff

E Vinerea Patimilor, dar curând vine Duminica Învierii! Sus sa avem inimile!

WHAT ARE YOUR 3 HOBBIES? ❓ - It is essential to have a balanced lifestyle, starting with 3 hobbies that help you better your overall self 😇 - What hobby makes you money? 💰 What hobby keeps you in shape? 💪 What hobby keeps you creative? 🎨 - TELL US! COMMENT! What are your 3 hobbies that help better you in your life? - Leave a like and tag a friend that has seriously cool hobbies #GRIT ❤️ - 💰FOLLOW @GRITCAPITAL and @financeandfreedom for more!💰 - - - - - #GRIT #GRITCAPITAL #SUCCESS #HOBBY #LIFEGOALS #POSITIVE #MONEY #SHAPE #CREATIVE #BALANCED #MIND #BODY #LIFESTYLE #FREEDOM

Foto de @reallyndacarter y el difunto Bob Hope tomada detrás del escena en la grabación del especial BOB HOPE CON SUS CONEJOS DE PASCUA Y OTROS AMIGOS. El especial se mostró originalmente en NBC, el domingo 19 de abril de 1987. Publicity photo of Lynda Carter and the late Bob Hope taken backstage of the taping of the BOB HOPE WITH HIS EASTER BUNNIES AND OTHER FRIENDS special. The special was originally shown on NBC, Sunday, April 19, 1987. Foto: © 1987 por NBC-TV. . . . . #VivaLyndaCarter #LyndaCarter #LaMujerMaravilla #MujerMaravilla #MulherMaravilha #WonderWoman #Photo #Hollywood #BobHope #Icon #HappyEaster #FelicesPascuas #Easter #EasterBunny

Along the center spine of the catalog that accompanies the @MetMuseum of Art’s latest Costume Institute exhibition, “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” there is an Oscar Wilde quote that reads: “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” The quip underscores this year’s exhibit, which centers on Susan Sontag’s famous essay “Notes on Camp,” but it also seems to have been the mantra for many #MetGala red carpets of the past. As Sontag wrote, “The whole point of camp is to dethrone the serious.” It’s about “the metaphor of life as theater” and about fantasy, not about thematic dressing or strict dress codes. It’s about headwear, trompe l’oeil, feathers, and historical homages. All the Met Gala red carpet is a stage, and all the men and women merely players in uninhibited sartorial frivolity. At the link in our bio, we've rounded up 20 stars who took Wilde's advice and turned fashion into art, long before camp had a starring role at the Met.


Original Caption: “Burned by Hollywood columnists’ digs at the alleged lack of style and smartness in her clothes, Marilyn Monroe retorts that she would look good in a potato sack. And just to prove it, she donned the one piece creation above.” 3/5/1952. Photos by Earl Theisen. #marilynmonroe

The evolutionary process is about discovering people’s likes and dislikes as well as their strengths and weaknesses; it occurs when people are put into jobs they are likely to succeed at, but in which they have to stretch themselves. Each person’s career will evolve based on what we all learn about what the person is like. • They should be given enough freedom to learn and think for themselves while being coached so they are prevented from making unacceptable mistakes. The feedback they receive should help them reflect on whether their problems are the kind that can be resolved by additional learning or stem from natural abilities that are unlikely to change. Typically it takes from six to twelve months to get to know a new employee in a by-and-large sort of way, and about eighteen months for them to internalize and adapt to the culture. During this time there should be periodic mini-reviews and several major ones. Following each of these assessments, new assignments should be made that are tailored to their likes and dislikes and strengths and weaknesses. This is an iterative process, in which the accumulated experiences of training, testing, and adjusting direct the person to ever more suitable roles and responsibilities. At Bridgewater, it is typically both a challenging and rewarding process that benefits the individual by providing better self-understanding and greater familiarity with various jobs. When it results in a parting of ways, it’s usually because people find they cannot be excellent and happy in any job at the firm.

102 years ago today on April 25, 1917, #EllaFitzgerald, the legendary jazz singer was born. . 📸She’s photographed here with American blonde bombshell #MarilynMonroe at the Hollywood jazz hot spot "The Tiffany Club" where Ella was performing. Los Angeles. November, 1954 #thesilverclassics

Sometimes you need to stand by and let someone make a mistake (provided it’s not too serious) so they can learn. It’s a bad sign if you are constantly telling people what they should do; micromanagement typically reflects inability on the part of the person being managed. It’s also not a good thing for you as a manager. Instead of micromanaging, you should be training and testing. Give people your thoughts on how they might approach their decisions, but don’t dictate to them. The most useful thing you can do is to get in sync with them, exploring how they are doing things and why.

Rami Malek confirms that he'll be the next James Bond villain in the upcoming Bond 25 movie. Thoughts on why he'd make a great bad guy? 👉 Follow @omeletocom for more! ⁣ Malik has an identical twin brother named Sami, who is younger by four minutes and is a teacher.

Take a walk on the wild side. #KARLLAGERFELD

A corner of Chez Nina club, back for 'Episode II', imagined by India Mahdavi and warmed up by a new lighting project by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt. Asta chandelier is the result of a process driven by colour dynamics, translucence and craftsmanship, fusing method and aesthetic in plexiglas and brass. @indiamahdavi @vibekefonnesbergschmidt Photography by @mattiaiotti We would like to remind that on April 25th both Nilufar Gallery and Nilufar Depot will be closed for bank holidays. #nilufargallery #chezninaepisode2 #ninayashar #contemporarydesign

Friday Flex 🙆‍♀️. Our girl @savannahleemay in Basket Crush 🔥. #PUMAWomen

Designed for the rule breakers. #ClashdeCartier @KayaScods

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