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Well said as I promise thats me right there with a big smile in my face and diploma in my hand and here I am make it to the real world and going to college studying for a business degree. P.S I want to say I love yall and I hope you have the good rest of the summer for you guys.

On this day in HipHop @kingpush drop his third studio album Dayton with 7 tracks proudcer by Kanye west. Personally my favorite album of 2018 and its around my top 10 albums of 2018.

Sorry guys I haven't been posting lately again I have alot of senior stuff this week but tomorrow is my graduation and I might show y'all my face tomorrow night even tho I said to myself I will show you my face around when I get to 500 followers but I'm feel happiness this week.

The Man Who Calls Himself Ugly. _____________________ Most of y'all might seen his face around little or alot around the community in here his name Traivs Miller aka Lil Ugly Mane , Bedwetter , Shawn Kemp and Rats. Theres a lot of things I want to say about lil ugly mane like his rapping and production are really amazing and from his cult classic ( and yes i said classic ) Mista Thug Isolation to his experimental album Oblivion Access this man knows how to make a album but what are the meaning behind the two and I hope yous guys stick around to explain albums meanings later next week ?

So when after my graduation is over there's 50/50 I won't be posting a lot in my opinion because there's two reason. 1st reason I'm going to try look for my first job in the summer and 2nd reason is to stay focus the college I'm going to and get money. So I hope you guys understand and I'm try my best and see whats up.

Unpopular Opinion (New Version) ___________________ Lost In The World > Runaway Ok I might get alot of hate for this and I understand but hear me out. I think to me runaway gets a lot praise and lost the in world doesn't I mean runaway is a good song but lost in the world is so much better in my opinion. _______________________ Eminem isn't top 5 or 10 he's around top 25 or 30 He was good around the beginning of he's career to until encore I mean yea around the 2010 it was going alright for him but when realise Revival it was utter shit like ugh and kamikaze was alright. ______________________ Drake is getting to much hate. I mean yea he is getting to much hate in my opinion but at the sametime he's music today now is either mediocre or sometimes trash and I understand but you have to admit he had good music back then and some right now. ______________________ Twitter is the most trash ass place to have a opinion in hip-hop like here Instagram it's ok there's some trolls or really dedicated Stan accounts but Twitter they say some of the stupid shit I ever saw like for example I saw one that said : "kamikaze > illmatic" like wtf man. ______________________ What your thoughts my opinions tell down below and I will answer.

There's somethings that I hate is when my or your favorite rapper gets hate when they try something different. Like sounds , flows , or choosing different subgenre in hip-hop. Like y'all motherfuckers beg for your favorite rappers to change there style or flow but when they do y'all get mad and say : SeLlOuT , YoUr AlBuM TrAsH , We WaNt ThE OlD SoUnD BaCk. But i understand sometimes it can be trash but the more you listen and the time you take you will appreciate it more and respect them for trying something different. Like example I didnt like testing at first but when I took my time I listen to it was not that bad. _______________________ So that's all I'm going to say what your opinion on my post comment down below.

In the next two weeks Tyler The Creator is going to release his 5th album IGOR and man I can't wait for it from the snippets I been hearing I feel like it's going top flower boy in my opinion.

Make her dance and feel at the same time ?

The Human Mind When I think and you think about the human mind what is the first thing you think of. Is it emotions like anger , happiness , sadness , nostalgia , love and so on. Theres a lot of real world examples like for example I wanted to ask out my crush if she wanted to be my boyfriend after the party but later after the party I found out that she got with her crush and there were dating after that. I felt angry , envy and mostly sadness but later on I just said to myself "dont worry about it bud you going find some else". I think it felt good to think about what happen yesterday I think maybe my mind and the world told me that she ain't the right one in my life and I'm glad because I'm still looking for the right one. But now I really have to improve to myself and mostly my mind. ________________ As Eckhart Tolle once said : "Boredom, anger, sadness, or fear are not 'yours,' not personal. They are conditions of the human mind. They come and go. Nothing that comes and goes is you". _________________ Thank you and have a good night. From : Wonderboy

There are somethings I'm going post in here but now since I'm reaching close to my graduation I got to do my finals and so on in this month. I mean I got couple of good ideas up my sleeves like for example in doing long stories of my favorite rappers backgrounds and albums and maybe some album reviews in the future if I have everything clear. ____________________ So that's everything I'm going to say for now I hope you guys have a good night and be safe. From Wonderboy Photo Credit : @benballernojohnnydangg

Most of y'all know my name from my first post in this new version of my hip-hop page. But i want to tell y'all about me. _______________________ Name: Ricardo Morales Perez Age: 19 Race: Hispanic State Where I Live : Texas _____________________ Likes : Music , Helping People , Making Music , Pokemon , Philosophy , Art , My Family and My Friends. ______________________ Dislikes : Bad Vibes , Mean People , Backstabers , Country Rap , High School , Women Who Use Me ______________________ That's it for now but this friday I'm doing introduction pt2 is more personal about my life. ( nothing dark or anything like that )

R.I.P to John Singleton Director , Screen Writer and also Producer. He filmed moives as Boyz N The Hood , Poetic Justice and many more.

Hello my old followers and new followers I'm glad to say you are here and see my new version of my hip-hop page where I go to depth and explain on reviews in music and moives and etc in the future. If you read the bio in the top I'll be posting twice week because I want to take my time writing down and expressing what I think and also I'm still high school. _____________________ But once again im happy and thrilled you will join me in my new journey running this page. Thank you ______________________ Ricardo Morales Perez AKA Wonderboy

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