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Mama of BOYSSSS!!!!!!!! 💙😍💙😍This is magical! Can’t wait to raise another Duggin boy 🏈🏀⚽️ #BOYMOM (posting a video in my stories of the reveal 🤩) oh yeah, SURPRISE! I’m pregnant! Haha #13weeks

Thanks @alejandracarey_ , aka my spirit animal bestie, for getting me this beautiful #starttodayjournal (by the way ily @msrachelhollis big fan), and giving me a reason to power through to nap time today. That 30 min tantrum before the nap couldn’t even get me down 😅Now, I’ll sit here, and dream, and journal, and reflect on how grateful i am for the life God has given me, and get inspired to continue living out my purpose. Thankful for some “me-time” to rejuvenate while pax gets his much-needed rest, until he’s back at it again when he wakes up 🤪 also peep the toy car that i forgot to pick up and get out of my wanna be #blogger photo whoops. #momlife

F I Z Z 🍒T W I N Z

I really just wanted a pic of my new #noondaycollection earrings 🌙 I’m obsessed with this brand!!! And everything they stand for!!! Thanks @brookeaustintorres for sharing your passion for what this company is doing! #notanad

I asked Paxy what he wanted to do today and he said BEACH! So here we are 🏖☀️🌊 Love making memories with you sweet boy! Let’s be besties forever k?

Kings of my heart 🤴🏽❤️ @kyleduggin is THE BEST dad. I always knew he would be, but watching him in action with our little dude is incredible. Love you boys more every single day 💙

SHE DID IT 🤩👑 My team’s newest Regional Vice President!! 6 months ago (ONLY 6 MONTHS PEOPLE!), after saying “no thanks” to this business for quite some time, 🙈 @carlypinchin decided to jump in to @arbonne and use it as a vehicle to create more options and financial freedom for her growing family. She was pregnant with her second baby boy, and decided that this business could be the way for her to stay home with her boys, bring in an income, working flexible hours from home when it worked for their family, and still pursue her passions of fitness & health coaching through building her Arbonne business. Now, here we are!!! On Thursday i flew out to Canada on a whim and surprised her 😝 cause i had to be there for my girl as she hit this huge milestone in her business! She promoted to Regional Vice President, gets to pick out her White Mercedes courtesy of arbonne, will be earning a paycheck of $4,000-$15,000 per month (not sure what that is in 🇨🇦 $$$ sorry lol), and gets to continue raising her babies and supporting her family from home 👑👑👑Sis, You are a rockstar! I’m so happy Instagram brought us together 😂 so proud of you, and can’t wait to be at the top of this company with you sooo soon! Now, go pick out your Benz, and a few dresses cause you get to strut that stage next month at GTC 🎉🎉

“Paxy, can you say cheese?” “DON’T”🤨 (on the bright side, he doesn’t say the word “no” yet, he says “Don’t!” instead and it’s hilarious). Pax is in such a fun season rn. 500 times a day, @kyleduggin and i just look at each other and laugh about something he says or does cause he’s just so stinkin cute. We also wonder how this little man was once our tiny baby?! He’s saying so many new words and sentences every day, he lives for watching/playing sports with his daddy, and adventuring with his mama. i love the way he says “Jesus! Pray!” when we are putting him down for naps and bed time. And how he says “dance mama!” when his fav songs come on. Obsessed with watching him grow before our eyes. Also obsessed with the fact that if anyone even hugs me (ESPECIALLY DADDY!!!) he freaks out and says “PAXY’S MAMA!” (I guess he’s a little over-protective of me but honestly I’m not mad about it 😜). Just always remember that i was your first true love paxy boy! I’ll share you eventually, but for now you’re all mine 🤗

my boys took me on a date ❤️❤️❤️

we are responsible for the energy we bring into every space ⭐️ such a good reminder. Let your little light shine babes!

Our Vegas trips together look v different than they used to, but wouldn’t trade it for anything 😋 love momming hard with you sis @sharayasereno 💙 #boymoms

the cutest little Aztec 🏀❤️ let’s go STATE! #sdsualum

Pax, why are you cooler than me? 🤩🤩🤩 today we got to go on a walk around the lake with our fam, see some ducks 🦆, pick some flowers, and run in our “fast shoes.” This kid loves being outside & i couldn’t be happier that i get to adventure with him everyday 🙌🏻❤️ #lifebydesign #momlife #happytuesday

She’s a new RVP & I’m just tryna keep up with her now🤪👑 💥Arbonne Twins (making that a thing btw) headed to the top together! First stop: Benz dealership to pick up her new car!!! You earned it babe @heathmelt #thankyouarbonne

I guess i need to add headshots to my to do list ⭐️Surreal to be joining this “wall of fame” at the end of this month🤩 #NVP #inspirenation 💥

They’re besties but they also fight over me & it’s the best 🥰

Venti passion iced tea • unsweetened • splash of coconut milk • add a pomegranate fizz stick & life is magic 🌟🌟🌟 you’re welcome.

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