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Do your everyday actions serve and support your goals? Whether it’s a health and fitness, financial or spiritual goal (or something completely different), the actions you take every day will determine if or how soon you will achieve said goal. For example, one of my clients found herself stagnant in progress. After asking a few questions, she relayed she had been drinking every weekend which led to her eating way beyond her allotted caloric intake #drunchies 😂 Now, we’ve all had nights like these….. no judgement from me. 💁🏼‍♀️ But, if this is constantly happening 2 out of 7 days of the week, that surplus of calories could easily negate the deficit we had created. I encouraged my client to evaluate what she really wanted. Was her current lifestyle truly supporting her goals? Were the people she was surrounding herself with encouraging her in the wrong ways? Did she know her drinking limit before losing all sense of judgment? Sure, you can absolutely go out, have a drink or two and still achieve your goals. 🍸 But YOU have to know those limits! This example happens to be fitness related because I’m an online fitness coach, but the message can be applied to any goal! If you have a goal to save $5,000 but eat out for every meal and have amazon packages showing up every other day….. that goal likely will not come to fruition. #justsaying If you find your habits aren’t aligning with your goals, evaluate your “why” and determine IF it’s what you truly want. And if it is, make it happen. Put yourself first, change your habits, eliminate things and maybe even some people from your life that aren’t supporting you. Go get what you want! Xoxo, Coach Jenae • #Jointheteam #teamRTSF #fitnesspage #fitnessgoals #progressiveoverload #fitnesscoach #onlinecoach #onlinefitnesscoach #fitnesscoach #flexibiledieting #workoutpage #fitnessgoals ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨Website Link in bio!

Breakfast Game strong! 😍 Anyone else find a meal they like & then eat it every day on repeat for like 2 months straight? No, just me? 🤔😅 Well, that’s pretty much this meal right here. Especially now being in a “cutting” phase. It just makes it that much easier to consistently eat the same meals. & I have @curednutrition Cinnamon & Honey spice to thank for this one being SO. FREAKING. GOOD.🤤 What’s in it? Glad you asked.... Here’s the deets: •1 Think thin Madagascar Vanilla & almond oats •20g Rolled Oats •1TBSP Almond butter •40g blueberries (you MUST microwave these when the oats are almost cooked....LEGIT PIE🥧🍇) •2 Strips uncured bacon •6oz Egg whites (must be cooked in bacon grease🐷) •1tsp Cured spices Honey & Cinnamon *game changer* I include CBD products throughout my whole day, every day. Since including them, my anxiety has significantly decreased, my mood is overall better & my sleep quality is ON POINT 🙌🏼😍 My absolute must haves are the Newest release 2000mg Peppermint oil & this spice! Drop a question below or DM me if you want more details on CBD products😘 And if you want to get your own, I would SO appreciate the support by you shopping through my link found in my bio! Xoxo, Coach Jenae • #Jointheteam #teamRTSF #fitnesspage #fitnessgoals #progressiveoverload #cbdoil #cbdproduct #curednutrition #curedcollective #jointhecollective #rethinkyourapproach ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨Website Link in bio!

Today’s affirmation: As I embrace my own knowing, I experience peace & happiness with all I meet. Abundance is divinely emerging in every nook and cranny of my beautiful life 🦋✨ Tell me YOUR affirmations in the comments! 😍 Happy Thursday lovies! 💗

Shoulders & Triceps 🦋 Happy Tuesday fam! What a week it’s been already 😅 So many good things happening! The hubs and I are moving out of our first apartment together, I started Summer shredding @alphalete yesterday, it’s a new month, & big things are coming ☺️ It’s been a hot minute since I posted a workout for you all! As I mentioned on my story last week, these “swipe videos” are great for ideas or to see form, but to build the muscle mass I have and get definition, I’ve had to train on a consistent program over many seasons the last few years, starting with team RTSF. Kalim programmed me and introduced me to progressive overload - game changer. I did the SAME workout split for 5-6 months. And that is when my muscle development really started to come in. PO is necessary for muscle growth & to really see consistent progress. You won’t see a ton of changes if you’re hopping from one Instagram to another just picking random workouts every day. So take this workout with a grain of salt. Use it in your program if you’d like! Build yourself a program that focuses on progressive overload. Watch the numbers rise! Or, hire a coach to program for you! That’s what I’m here for😘💪🏼 ✨Workout: 🦋DB Shoulder Press 4 x 10 🦋BB Push press 4 x 12 🦋Upright rows 4 x 12 40lbs x 4 SS: 🦋Lateral raises 4 x 10 🦋Reverse Flys 3 x 15 SS: 🦋Front raises (slightly angled) 4 x 10 🦋DB Incline skull crushers 4 x 8-10 🦋Tricep rope pull downs 4 x 10-15 Xoxo, Coach Jenae • #Jointheteam #teamRTSF #fitnesspage #fitnessgoals #shoulderworkout #workoutfvideo #progressiveoverload ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨Website Link in bio!

Tracking macros is just an excuse to eat crap or junk food all day🍪🍩🍭🍰🍿🍔🍕……. A common false assumption, understandably so, as you don’t see many “IIFYMers” posting their salads, chicken and veggies, or rice and ground turkey that they eat on a normal basis.🥗 Why? Because these foods don’t grab your attention. They are “unaesthetically pleasing”. Which is fine and dandy, until you have an audience watching your every move and becoming misinformed about what tracking macros is really about. So, let’s educate.🤓 Macros are the macronutrients that make up your total calories in a given day. They break down to your carbs, fats and protein. Protein and carbs both have 4kcals/1 gram and fat has 9kcals/1 gram. Tracking macros is a way of monitoring your caloric intake in regards to a specific goal. 💪🏼When you track macros as opposed to total calories, you’re able to manipulate body composition. Why macros over a meal plan? 🤷🏼‍♀️Now, to each their own on this. I always say, pick a program that works for YOU that you will be able to adhere to long term.👊🏼 The goal with any fitness program should be to build lifestyle habits and learn useful tools for the long term. With macros, you are able to have more flexibility in your life. When a friend last minute wants to go to dinner, you can! No need to prep a ‘meal to go’ to adhere to your plan…. Just pick an item on the menu that “Fits” your macros. And it goes even further…. If you want to eat something that may not “fit”, order it & adjust accordingly the following few days.😻Simple. IIFYM, Flexible dieting, whatever you want to call it, is not an excuse to just eat whatever you want whenever you want. It is what you want it to be, that will allow you to be successful in your journey, catered to your lifestyle – it’s like I give you $100/day and say “spend it how you want!”🤑 I highly encourage my clients to hit their fiber intake for the day and then incorporate the less nutrient dense foods. But, nothing is off limits. ✨CONT IN COMMENTS👇🏼

Happiness VS. Joy! Yesterday, I posted on my story a bit about this, but wanted to share a post about it because of the amount of DM’s I got from you all stating that it resonated so well. It stemmed from the message I heard at church yesterday. The pastor was preaching out of Philippians 1:18-21. As Paul was sitting in prison writing this letter to the Philippians, he was rejoicing and just had this attitude of true peacefulness.🙏🏼 How, in the middle of a prison cell, hungry, hurt, weak, could a man have such an incredible attitude. Because he had hope. He had true joy and confidence in the work God was doing through him. Happiness is based on external circumstances; what is happening ‘to’ me in this moment. Joy stems from an internal (or eternal) source.✨ Joy is based on what we are living for; our purpose. When the pastor started talking about, I was truly convicted and felt the need to look at myself and ask “What is my source of joy?”. We all have different seasons of struggle or triumph. It’s easy in those seasons of trials to lose focus on that source. I am eternally grateful for the good Lord’s grace and that when we come to him with a repentant heart, He is there to forgive and pour out his love and joy and peace.🙌🏼😭 He is my source. The fountain I want to drink from daily. What is yours? I will always encourage you to turn to Jesus. But this is really a post to just encourage you to take a moment and reflect. Look inside… go deep. Have you been allowing external sources to dictate your joy? To derail you from your purpose and lose focus? Do you have an internal source of Joy…. Or is that something you need to implement into your life? Find your source and watch the ripple affect it has on every area in your life. How your perspective changes. How the little things that used to set you off, no longer matter. It’s a daily practice. It’s a daily “falling on your face” and begging God for help and forgiveness. But, how cool is it that He takes us as we are. Broken and imperfect. I hope this encourages you… take it how you may….. apply it with or without the Jesus factor. But, oh is it so much better with Jesus🦋 Xoxo, Coach Jenae • #Jointheteam

Rompers: All fun & games until you have to pee 😳😅😂💁🏼‍♀️ Happy friYAY babes 😘🦋

Happy Monday babes! 🦋 If you’ve been following my journey the last month or so, you know I’ve been struggling to really find my groove again. My relationship with food hasn’t been the same and I honestly don’t feel 100% myself since having my jaw surgery. I know I will get there and I’m so ready for that. But, I realize we can’t live for a destination. Otherwise, we will miss all the lessons, growth and good stuff in between. ✨ So here I am. Ready to start this journey back to finding myself, my discipline, my balance & my #happinaess ☺️ (see what I did there😉) Follow along a F.D.O.E on my story today for day 1! Will I make mistakes? Sure. But the goal is to make them less and less and learn from them along the way. We are all growing here. All imperfect. Thank the Lord for His goodness and forgiveness. And the more I learn and grow, the more I have to give to my clients and pour into them! Xoxo, Coach Jenae • #Jointheteam #teamRTSF ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨

CBD… Is it really worth all the rage? First, let’s start with the facts. What exactly is CBD oil? Glad you asked. CBD oil is a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis (marijuana) plant. However, it does not produce the psychoactive effect of “weed”, which comes from the cannabinoid THC in the plant. So, what does it do? CBD can help decrease chronic pain, relieve or eliminate anxiety, improve mood and sleep, acts as an anti-inflammatory, can aid in recovery and brings the body to homeostasis – which, my favorite definition of this is “internal balance”. Everything just works fluidly. Your body is functioning at its optimal rate. How beautiful is that?! I have personally been using @curednutrition CBD oil for about two months now. I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep, reduced anxiety & just an overall calmness. I use the Mint 1000mg Hemp Oil at night and sometimes the Raw 1000mg in the morning. When I combine the mint oil and a packet of the Cured Dough at night, I find that to be the ultimate relaxing combination! Some of my clients have started using the products as well and are noticing a huge difference! My mom started using it and after a year of not sleeping through the night, now sleeps restfully without waking up! *MIND WAS BLOWN* the first time this happened! & the best part, it’s natural and for me has replaced any anti-anxiety medication I was taking before.🖤 My favorite products in order are: ✨Mint 1000mg Hemp oil ✨Cured Dough – NOMMMMMM ✨Cinnamon Honey Cured Spice (this is just literally good on anything) You can find the link in my bio to @curednutrition ‘s website! I appreciate the support in shopping through my link. Xoxo, Coach Jenae • #Jointheteam #teamRTSF ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨

Are rest days Necessary? If you are weightlifting, Absolutely. First, why in the world would you want to spend 7 days a week in the gym? Even in my days when I was mentally convinced I loved the gym that much, I still could only handle 6 days a week. As I’ve grown, I now value my social life and would rather spend time pouring into others than focusing on my “gym bod” with my free time. And it’s just NOT necessary. Look at TeamRTSF athletes for example… most of them don’t train more than 4 days a week and look PHENOMENAL…. I digress. When you lift weights, you are breaking muscle tissue down. That tissue needs time to rebuild. You also need give your bones, nerves and connective tissue time to repair and rest. Those people that preach “team no days off” and are completely jacked, aren’t likely…. Errr “natural”. There are some signs you are over training which include mood swings, irritability, lack of sleep, and just overall burnout. Over training also has been shown to raise cortisol levels, which is obviously terrible for fat loss or muscle gain. So, take your rest days people. Whether its 1 day or 3 days a week, you know your body. Love it. Give it the rest and recovery it needs. And it will thank you by being much, much stronger and happier in the long run. Xoxo, Coach Jenae • #Jointheteam #teamYesrestdays #teamRTSF ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨

I have not been this at peace in a long time; Walking around this farm of animals petting & feeding them and admiring their incredible beauty. 🐴🦋 #freetherapy #animaltherapy #horsewhisperer

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO FREAKING MUCH! For real though, I feel sooooo much love from my post yesterday. The DM’s & all of your comments literally touched my heart and reminded me that we really aren’t as alone as we make ourselves feel. That connection with others and stream of openness and honesty is so rare to find these days. But, I want to bring it in full force; vulnerability, sensitivity, my weaknesses AND strengths, cold hard truth, the good/the bad/the ugly. I’m here for it. But, right now, I just want to say thank YOU. Yes, you. The individual reading this. From the deepest part of my being. For appreciating & supporting me. The imperfect, Jesus loving, soul seeking, “still figuring it out” woman that I am. • Xoxo, Coach Jenae • ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨

This is really hard for me to look at…. Pictured: Me 4 weeks post op of corrective jaw surgery. I was eating nothing but blended foods, which equated to about 1,200 calories a day. I lost 4lbs from just pure anxiousness before surgery and then an additional 12lbs after surgery. I was the leanest and smallest I’ve ever been weighing 116lbs. I didn’t love being that weak or small, but it became my new “normal”. As you all know, I preach the OPPOSITE of restriction. My lifestyle has become about flexibility and balance. But after 10 weeks of being forced to restrict food, my mindset was effed. My disordered thoughts came back in full swing. I got cleared for a soft chew diet and wanted to eat everything that I was allowed to. I stopped weighing myself. My motivation switched daily from “I hate my body and want to focus on fitness again” to “screw this I haven’t eaten in months”. Needless to say, I’ve been in a really dark place the last two months. I mentioned on my story that I have started the Whole30 diet. I knew I needed structure again in my life and primarily to get my health back. My digestion and skin have been terrible. My energy is all over the place. And I need to figure out what specifically is affecting that. So I took control and am not going to allow my past tendencies to rule my life again. I just want you to know if you are in this place, you don’t have to feel alone. It’s hard to see yourself go from one extreme to another, whether its weight loss or weight gain. I’m not completely “healed”, but I know I am moving forward and have to take it one day at a time. One thought at a time. Shifting my mindset to loving myself and the body I am in again. Using the tools I’ve learned from being coached/being a coach myself and implementing them into my own life! I encourage you to do the same. Create the structure or life that you need to be your highest self. • Xoxo, Coach Jenae • ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨

Have you watched my FIRST YouTube video yet?! It is an “Everyday Make Up Tutorial” and I had a blast making it.😍💋💄 You can find me by searching Jenae Vierhus or on my highlight “The tube”. 🦋 I can’t wait to continue growing this channel and giving you all more content✨ I plan on filming workouts, beauty & fashion reviews & allllll the FOOD 😍🙌🏼 Next video will be a Q & A! And I want to answer ANY and ALL of your questions..... so lay ‘em on me in the comments section!!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 *will also be on my story*

If you’ve been watching my stories, you know I’ve been in Arizona at a work conference the last couple of days and will be here until tomorrow. Last weekend I was also out of town to do my mom’s hair & make up for an event.(the oscars #likewhat 😅) As much as I hate being away from @austiemcfrostie this time apart has allowed us to miss each other and appreciate all the little things and moments we have together daily.... that can often be taken for granted. Our marriage is far from perfect and 2018 brought its fair share of trials, but I am so grateful for where we are and what God is doing in our lives & marriage. #growthgamestrong And as I lay here in my hotel room typing this, I can’t help but miss him and feel so blessed to have such a strong, determined, loving and faithful man by my side. I just want to stweeeeze him 😍 So if you’re with your human, give them a hug, a kiss, hold their hand. 💗 Let them know how freaking amazing they are and how much you appreciate them! K. Done with allll the cheese. 😘✨💁🏼‍♀️✌🏼I love youuuu @austiemcfrostie PS: we need to take more pictures together it’s not ok that this is from Christmas. Anyone want to volunteer to follow us around and take our pictures? 😂

Are you unmotivated or too comfortable in your fitness journey?💗 • I’ve definitely been feeling this way the last month or so. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE lifting and I never really see myself “stopping”. But, I had this feeling of complacency or a lack of challenge in my workouts. • One of the things that started my fitness journey was my passion for running. Fun fact, in high school, I did one season of cross country my senior year. True story…. Your girl used to be able to run like 8 miles at a time.😅 (HAHA I DIE JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT) • About a week ago, I went on a run/walk to the beach. I am blessed to live in Santa Barbara and work only 2 miles from the beach.🏝 I haven’t run since before my hip surgery last year and didn’t really know if I would again. This LITerally lit up my day. 🔥That spark inside of me to chase after my goals was reignited. And all it took was getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to do something I thought I no longer could. • If you’re feeling stagnant in your journey, challenge yourself. 👊🏼Force yourself to do something different. Incorporate yoga into your weekly routine, run stadiums at the local college/high school, go for a swim, try HIIT training, hire a coach to switch things up. 💁🏼‍♀️ Whatever it may be that might feel slightly out of your comfort zone… do it! Growth only comes on the outside of comfort. And only YOU can take the active step to push yourself past comfort. Stop making excuses for yourself; if you’re looking for a sign, THIS IS IT!🦋 • Xoxo, Coach Jenae • ✅Custom macros/coaching programs:✅ 💕 ✨

Life as messy as my room, but at least I got my outfit put together 😎💁🏼‍♀️ Outfit deets are tagged! #countyourwins #mylifeisnotahighlightreal #transparencyiscool

Hi friends and Happy Friyay! 🦋🙌🏼 @realgoodfoods Was kind enough to send me some of their Jalepeno Poppers & Beef enchiladas! 🤤 Go check out my story for my raw review! But I’ll give you the summary here! • ✨Jalapeño poppers -RATING: 6/10 -*however, I microwaved them and think they would taste much better if you put them in the oven! -Macros for 3 poppers: 190cals | 10F | 3C | 22P -Great macros for a snack, I’m someone that likes BIG meals but these are great if you just need something quick and high protein! • ✨Beef Enchiladas -RATING: 9/10 -These were SOOOO yummy! I legit only planned on “taste testing” them and pretty much finished the plate😅 That’s when you know they’re good! -Macros for 2 Enchiladas: 190cals | 10F | 4C | 20P 100% recommend! • Overall I think they did a great job creating delicious snacks(the portions are pretty small) that are high in protein & lower carb! They would be great for comp prep or If you follow a Keto diet! Happy eating friends 😘😘 • Xoxo, Coach Jenae

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