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I just signed the #GlobalDealForNature calling on world leaders such as government officials, presidents, and prime ministers to protect half our lands and seas. Please join me! Sign the petition at FULL PETITION: Thriving nature is essential to life on Earth. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, are all pillars of human survival that depend on a series of delicately balanced interactions within the natural world. But these systems are being thrown dangerously off balance by an onslaught of human activities. From pesticides on our fields, to plastics choking our oceans, to bulldozers in our forests, all over the planet the natural world is under assault.  This crisis has now reached a scale that threatens everything. Species extinction is running at 1000 times the natural rate, and scientists warn that two-thirds of wild animal populations could be gone in our lifetimes. As with climate change, there is now growing concern that dangerous tipping points could be triggered, causing the collapse of key ecosystems and threatening human survival.  Scientists are sounding the alarm, and people around the world are calling for a simple solution – protect and restore half of the planet in a natural state and sustainably manage all lands and oceans. The result is a planet where humanity and nature have a chance to flourish, even as global temperatures rise.  This is the kind of ambitious, clear goal that inspires everyone -- citizens, governments, and businesses -- to take the steps needed to save life on Earth. And the key to making it happen will be a major UN summit in China set for October 2020, where governments establish new global targets to protect the planet.  It’s being called a Global Deal for Nature and here’s how it can save life on Earth: 1. The world’s governments agree on a new global deal for nature, one that makes the crisis facing our natural world a top global priority and is handled at the highest levels -- Presidents and Prime Ministers -- at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and other forums. 2. The agreement calls for protecting and restoring at least half of the planet and sustainably man

Easter Sunday morning xo

Deep human connection is essential. What else? #Imagination. Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

I love you 🖤 planned trip #2 #bestfriend

I adore and love these paintings.

My biggest lesson this year. Thank you to my amazing coach in Rhode Island who sent me this. “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal” speaks to me. Winston Churchill was a British politician and writer, who experienced success and spoke about it openly. I’ve learned that when I reach success, my biggest goal is to not let it stop me from working hard to reach more success. Success can surprise you the first time, but it’s responding to it with perseverance that will bring you more! XOXO 💋 Anna ✨

I am grateful for the gift of Children and opportunities for education. Missing my Honduran Familia.

If you missed your chance to pre-register to vote YOU CAN STILL VOTE TODAY! It’s called Provisional Voting and it’s available in the state of California. #noexcuses #provisionalballot

I admire transgender people. It takes courage and not caring what anyone else thinks to go and be ones true self. I will vote for policies and politicians who will protect transgenders. #protecttranslives #transrightsarehumanrights

Today is one of those days I feel homesick. Whenever this happens Iv’e taught myself that it’s acceptable to feel this way when moving far away from home. On the other note, these two perfect humans have made me the strong, smart, confident, sexy, happy, independent, successful, and hard working woman that I am today and will continue to grow into. Because of them, I will never loose focus. I love them for that. This is my favorite picture on earth because it describes their characters. I think ill frame it. Xo, Anna

I love to inspire people to find magic in the unknown. I have learned to trust in my decisions, no matter the fact that I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I befriended fear through this book. I discovered that I can use my fear as a power tool to live life in this beautiful city I’m fortunate enough to call home. Find this book on amazon at

My mood today. In the past week I have committed myself to follow my dreams and passions even though they come with doubt, fear, and anxiety of failure. To whoever is readying this, today I challenge you to commit to doing something you love even if you are afraid to fail. Your happiness will improve greatly if you follow your passions every single day! Xo, Anna.

#repost Yesterday was #WorldMentalHealthDay, but we should be focusing on our mental state of mind by showing ourselves love, care, and respect every single day. Just know that if you are down, you are not alone. If you are sad, you are not alone. If you feel lost in this big world and you still feel like you haven’t found your purpose in life, you are not alone! So I encourage you to talk to people. Talk to your friends, your families, or your co-workers. Reach out for help. Us humans were put on this earth to interact and to share feelings. I always say that if your mental health isn’t fit, then you can not perform basic human duties. Take care of YOU first, and then you’re happiness will come on its own. Here are some ideas that help ME be emotionally stable. • Yoga • Meditation • Breath work • Setting intentions for the day by writing them down in a journal • Counseling • Any form of movement for the body to get blood flowing • Eating whole fruits and vegetables and staying away from too much sugar and processed food • Drink a lot of water • Take a bath • Do a face mask & eat your favorite dessert • Get 10 hours of sleep My favorite place to practice yoga, meditation, and breathwork (@wanderlusthlwd)

Today was a gift. Sat backstage, experienced the powder room & green room, while @jkponce1 spoke on a segment of @facethetruthtv. Can’t wait for it to air. Amazing.

Starting my Sunday off right. I love Sunday’s. For me they are a day to reflect, take care of my mind, and body. Usually I spend the morning farmers marketing (as i say), grocery shopping and then i hit the gym around 4. But today is all about breaking routine. Instead I’m at my favorite cafe getting some school work & emails done, then i’m heading to the farmers market late, not working out, and instead preparing for the EXCITING week ahead. 🙌🏻👊🏻✍🏻.

repost. @juleshough. @jadapinkettsmith. This spoke to me in so many different ways. But point is ladies and gentlemen, do not put yourself at ease to be in a relationship if you have not at least began to master your own happiness, communication skills, and truly understanding your self worth. Work on designing the best version of yourself and then go do it. 🙌🏻

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