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Let’s disappearing here… ✨💭

Now more than ever we need to consider our natural world & life on earth — The air we breathe, the clean water we drink & food we eat. These are our basic needs. For some reason we as humans are disconnected from nature and don’t seem to understand how this natural system works and how essential it is for life. ✧ Earth, our only home is fragile, the food chain, the insects, the micro-organisms in our soil are at the bottom & humans-beings are on the top. Already an alarming amount of species have vanished and we too are on our way to extinction if we don’t take urgent action. ✧ Unfortunately main stream media and politics have failed at educating the public — The system is broken. Our new government is based on greed and selfishness by only looking at their own short term gain – Choosing individual wealth over future generations and the future of our planet. Our earth has finite resources and they are quickly running out. The carbon level in our atmosphere is up to 413 ppm, the highest it has ever been. Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned, the last fish been caught will we realise we can’t eat money… – Cree Proverb✧ In all honesty it hurts. It hurts to know that our beautiful natural world is being destroyed due to the greed & monetary gain that is profiting very few. It hurts to know that mining coal is what our Australian government wants to build our economy on. It hurts to know that one of the worlds largest natural eco-systems now has very little chances of survival with the plans our current government has. It hurts to know that as Australians, we have the privilege of freedom and education with the freedom to vote and we have still ended up with this result. It hurts... but this will not stop us. We need a new system. We need a massive shift. We need new ideas, new lifestyles, new thought processes. We need new solutions. We need to stay positive & we need to fight. We need to realise we are all part of this problem. Australia, we have the power to do better and I know if we look deep down into ourselves we all can. #changeiscoming

Do you ever feel lost in the right direction? 💫✨

La Luna..✨🌙🌝

Moments that feel like a dream... High above a sea of fog over the beautiful city of Cape Town. ✨☁️💕 ✧ @meetsouthafrica #meetsouthafrica #instameetsouthafrica

Wandering through the red center...✨🍂🧡

Dreamy skies above Cape Town...✨☁️🌈🧡💕 We woke up to a sea of endless clouds floating beneath the mountains, this has to be one of the most surreal cities views. @meetsouthafrica #meetsouthafrica #instameetsouthafrica

Boundlessly free...✨💕 To celebrate 25 years of democracy @meetsouthafrica we spent the last week exploring some of the most loved locations throughout @southafrica. ✧ It’s been an inspiring yet eye-opening experience to learn about the history of this country and how things have dramatically changed in such a short period of time. Things I could never truely understand or comprehend myself. It fills my heart to know how everything has progressed & hear the stories of hope and how people are overcoming this adversity. It’s beautiful to see how a nation can come together with people from so many different backgrounds to continue to grow forward with love & support for each and every human-being. ✧ Here and all over the world it feels like there is still so much more each of us can do to work together to break down barriers, prejudices, end poverty and live in peace & equality to respect each other and all life on earth. I may seem hopeful, but I look forward to see where the next 25 years will take us... 💕🌎💕🌎 #meetsouthafrica #instameetsouthafrica

Just a little reminder...✨💫 I hope you truly take the time to figure out what moves you, what encourages your soul, what you deeply crave from life, and I hope you have the courage to chase that. I hope you have the courage to believe that you are deserving of everything you desire, that you are capable and worthy of curating the kind of life for yourself that sparks something within you. You have a fire inside of you — I hope you never let convenience, or comfort, or the easiness of standing still put it out. I hope you show the world what you can do with all of that passion inside of you. At the end of the day, I hope you find what you’re looking for out there. I hope your life inspires you... words by @rainbowsalt ✨🌈🧡

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make...” – Jane Goodall. ✨🐘🌿🌎 ✧ Experiencing firsthand some of the most incredible wildlife on our planet has left me even more deeply in love with nature. There’s nothing more special than wild animals in their natural habitat, thriving nature, in their home where they are supposed to be. ✧ As our human population has grown, we have encroached on many wildlife habitats and unfortunately due to the loss of natural habitats, poaching, climate change and other human forced pressures on our planet, it is crucial that now more than ever we must do what we can to protect wildlife habitats to give all animals and large mammals like these elephants a beautiful and sustainable home for future generations. 🧡 ✧ @meetsouthafrica #meetsouthafrica #instameetsouthafrica

Eye to eye & in complete awe with this majestic female wild leopard...✨😍 ✧ This last week spent in @southafrica has been full of so many unforgettable moments – It’s experiences like this that make my heart stop & realise how truly special & vulnerable our natural world is & how incredibly important it is to do everything we can to help protect our wildlife in their natural habitats while we still can. 🐆🦒🦏🦓🐘 ✧ Lots more to share from this adventure @meetsouthafrica #meetsouthafrica #instameetsouthafrica (Please always remember to be responsible around wildlife & stay a safe distance – This image was captured on a 100-400mm focal length with guidance from professionals).

Moonrise over Nawurlandja – They say home is where your heart is, mine is among the stars, across our universe… ✨💫 ✧ In release of the new film @topendweddingmovie (In cinemas tomorrow! May 2nd) I explored the heartland of The Northern Territory. Visiting the beautiful locations from the film I found myself completing in awe of this vast and untouched landscape. There is a stillness on the horizon surrounding Nawurlandja, watching the colours fade from deep purples to orange & filling the entire land with golden light.🧡 ✧ #NTaustralia #TopEndWeddingMovie In Partnership with @universalpicsau & @ausoutbacknt

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