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never wanna leave.

💦HOLY WATER💦 You guys sat down on the couch (Y)-so Alex something happened when I left your house today (A)-What (Y)-um as I was walking someone was following me- (A)-Wait Who (Y)-hold on then he ran up to me and grab me and told me to go to my house and we’ll have a chat then we arrived to my house then I told him that I didn’t have my keys so then he told me to go to the backyard and open that door and I did then we came inside and he lock the door then we sat down on the couch and then he let go of me and (A)-and what (Y)-um then he came up to me and it was g-Gio (A)-What Alex get up (Y)-Wait Alex chill (A)-y/n did he do anything to u (Y)-um (A)-y/n (Y)-Wait Alex let me explain (A)-ok (Y)-then he told me he needs me me loves me and then I told him no it’s to late and then he got mad then carry me to my bedroom and threw me on the bed and started to kiss me but push him away and then I told him to leave and he left and then I texted u (A)-oh ok at least he didn’t hurt u bc if he did I would of (Y)-ok ok (A)-*sigh* y/n if he hurt u I would of blame everything on me (Y)-no Alex (A)-Yes bc I let u go (Y)-But it was my decision to go (A)-But I could of walk with u (Y)-.... (A)-y/n I love u more then I love myself and y/n would u pls be my girlfriend bc I would love u and take care of u (Y)-Alex I would like to but (A)-oh so no (Y)-I didn’t finish my sentence (A)-oh (Y)-as I was saying Alex I would like to be your girlfriend but actually I would Love to be your girlfriend (A)-Wait so your my girlfriend (Y)-yes stupid (A)-omg Alex hugs you and picks u up and spins u around (A)-I LOVE U PRINCESS (Y)-Awww I love u too Then Alex starts kissing you then and u kiss back then Alex carries u to your bedroom still kissing u btw then Alex slowly goes down your neck and leaves u hickeys and you too then Alex takes off his shirt and takes off your shirt (A)-Damn princess your all my Now (Y)-and your all mine (A)-yea I am Then u guys do u know then go to sleep ☀️MORNING☀️ (A)-Good Morning Princess (Y)-good morning cutie (A)-awww But tbh your the only cutie I see (Y)-awwww (A)-princess lets go to the beach today (Y)-alright You and Alex get ready to go to the beach 🏖@blesiv

@louisvuitton @virgilabloh a goat for this. The future is here.


🍵TEA IS NEEDED🍵& 💦HOLY WATER AS WELL💦 Then his locks the door behind u (?)-alright slowly walk to the living room (Y)-O-ok (?)-Good girl You slowly start walking to the living room then you stop walking (?)-ok good now sit on the couch (Y)-ok U sat down and he was still behind u (?)-ok am going to let go of u but don’t try or do something bc I have a gun and I don’t want to hurt my princess (Y)-ok He let go of u Then he came in front of u and it was GIO(🍵didn’t expect that🍵) YPOV-wtf Gio (Y)-g-Gio (G)-yes princess it’s me (Y)-wtf (G)-calm down (Y)-how do u want me to fucking calm down (G)-Who do u think your talking to like that princess (Y)-I don’t give a shit who am talking to (G)-alright then Gio grab u they carried u to your bedroom and locks the door and throws u at your bed (Y)-wtf Gio (G)-princess I love u ok and I want u now (Y)-wtf no Then Gio starts kissing u and then he takes off your shirt but then u push him away then he notice your hickeys and then u put back on your shirt (G)-Who tf gave u hickeys (Y)-why should u care (G)-tell me now (Y)-no (G)-princess tell me now or something bad is going to happen (Y)-What going to happen (G)-am going to hurt u but I don’t so tell before I do (Y)-Gio your going crazy (G)-yes I am of u (Y)-well then why do u breakup with me why did u break my heart 💔 (G)-idk idk I was mad (Y)-well it’s not my fault that u decided that decision (G)-princess just be mine again pls and can’t be with someone else except u (Y)-well it’s to late (G)-what why (Y)-um am dating someone that really does love me love Who I am and cares for me not like u (G)-I do love u y/n (Y)-well I don’t (G)-oh Gio gets up and leaves YPOV-wtf just happened I need to text Alex now TEXT MESSAGE Y/n💘-hey Alex come to my house now pls I need u Alex🥰-hey princess ok I will come to your house and I love u ✨💖 Y/n💘-ok thanks💕 END OF TEXT MESSAGE A few minutes later u heard a knock u go and get it it was Alex and u hug him (A)-hey princess miss me already (Y)-um ig You let go of the hug (Y)-come in (A)-thanks He comes inside your house (Y)-um we need to talk (A)-ok You guys sat down on the couch {author POV Oof what r u going to say to Alex?@blesiv}

«cнapтer 30🍵 ιn love wιтн a player⇣» - - All of you got detention except for Jesse. you were sitting in detention when you saw that Alex passed you a note. ( you kept sending note not talking) a: I saw Jesse kissing dess y: no she was trying to kiss him a: no like he was actually kissing her y: are you sure ? a: 100% y: alright imma t’all to him a: alr. - you guys get out of detention and Alex hugs you and you hug him back . ( okay I miss Alex with y/n now bye 😭 ) - - you get home and Jesse is on his phone sitting on a couch in your room. y: did you lie about destiny j: .. no ? y: please just tell me the truth j: alright alright.. so I was walking in the hall and dess came up to me and told me that you had kissed Alex. And I got mad and I kissed her but I pushed her off .. but she wanted to keep going. but I knew it was wrong so I didn’t. y: so you kissed her first .. j: yea.. I’m so sorry y: it’s fine I just want to be alone right now j: okay 😞. - an hour passed and diego came into your room and told you Alex was outside. y: just tell him to come up here d: alright a: hey .. how’d it go? y: fine I guess a * sits down next to you * a: what would make you feel better y: watch a movie with me ? - a: what movie do you want to watch ? y: a comedy one ... TBC 😈💧 - #blesivfanfiction #blesivedits #blesivedits🌴❤️ #blesiveditsyt #blesiv #blesivimagines #blesivfam #blesivfam #blesivfanfics #blesivfandom #fanfiction #alexguzman #blesivgrinds #blesivfamforever #alexguzmanfanpage #alexguzman😻💍 #alexguzmanedit #alexguzmanedits #hamidalexguzman #alexguzmanfanfiction#carlosmena #carlosmenafanpage #carlosmenaedits #carlex #carlexedits #carlexfanfiction #carlosfanfiction #carlosmena❤ #carlosmenamusiclly

Ofc you can be happy @diegomartir @fatnutdiego @babydiego

See you at @kaaboodelmar Sept. 13-15 🌴#KAABOOdelmar (use code PLAINWHITE for $20 off GA passes)

he can grind on the floor which means.... he must be fucking girls on the floor 😳 woah diego got a talent 💀💘

he’s cool ig SKSKKS

Joey has a baby face 🥺 #joeybirlem x71

Let’s play a game... who can spot my birth mark? 🤷🏼‍♀️ wearing @prettylittlething 👗

He called someone cute on there post and he said he was talking to someone 🤔tea or no🤔🥰 @diegomartir @fatnutdiego @babydiego I’m not going to tag the girl sorry I know how she is but not going to tag her 🤷🏽‍♀️😊

Mini Alex❣ He looks so cute.❣Rate this tiktok 1-10. Should I post more of Alex older tiktoks?❣ @blesiv @blesiv @blesiv @blesiv @blesiv #blesivedits #blesiv #explore

«cнapтer 31🍵 ιn love wιтн a player⇣» - a: alr what movie do you want to watch? y: a comedy one a: alr - - you guys started to watch a movie and you and Alex started to laugh hard asl that he was crying. d: what’s so damn funny y: bitch this movie 😭 d: can I watch it too? y: yea diego started to watch the movie with you guys and he got a call. d: I’ll be right back - - y&a: alrrrrr a: soooo y/n.. you turned to look at him and Alex grabbed your jaw and put you really close to his face. a: i like you y/n.. and I know you want me y: no I don’t alex a: oh really ? y: y- yea .. he kissed your lips and you kissed him back. you guys started to make out until he pulled out a: I thought you didn’t like me y: I don’t 😩. - ** 5 months later ** you and Jesse were still together 🥰, but you were starting to get feelings for Alex. j: hey babygirl blood ( gang member ) said I had to go meet him somewhere I’ll be right back y: alr 😞. ... he never came home that night .. TBC 😈💧 - #blesivfanfiction #blesivedits #blesivedits🌴❤️ #blesiveditsyt #blesiv #blesivimagines #blesivfam #blesivfam #blesivfanfics #blesivfandom #fanfiction #alexguzman #blesivgrinds #blesivfamforever #alexguzmanfanpage #alexguzman😻💍 #alexguzmanedit #alexguzmanedits #hamidalexguzman #alexguzmanfanfiction#carlosmena #carlosmenafanpage #carlosmenaedits #carlex #carlexedits #carlexfanfiction #carlosfanfiction #carlosmena❤ #carlosmenamusiclly

WOMEN. 💕💋🙋‍♀️👭💃 The amount of strength, talent, fierceness, and undeniable power that was under one roof still has me in awe- to say that I’m extremely humbled & grateful to have been surrounded by them would be an understatement. 💕💕💗💗💗💗

digitals at @women360mgmt yesterday - out here being the longest string bean to walk this earth

Happy #firstdayofspring 🌷// 📸: @gnash

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