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we came, we saw, we listened, we sang, and now, we will go. thankful for a weekend with such sweet souls💛 #dtj #greazy

happy lil thing (:

psa : long post ahead but plz plz plz read as we head to our last game this season, i can not express how proud i am of each and every one of you. i couldn’t have asked for a better team, with so many encouraging spirits and sweet sweet souls. i am so thankful for you guys. thank you for all the therapy sessions in the press box, and the crazy cheers from the sidelines. thank you for the fun bus rides and all of the pictures and amazing memories. and to our coaches, thank you for pushing us when we felt like there was nothing left. there were so many times i wanted to give up, skip practice, or just drop my head. but you guys were right there picking us up and telling us we have the ability to do anything and everything we put our mind to. thank you. and to my sweet seniors, i’m so sad this is my last year being on the field with you guys. spencer and shelby, thank you for being my bestest friends in the whole wide world. you guys have supported me through everything, and i cannot thank you enough. and to @chickfila , you guys are the realest. thanks for getting a group of 50+ people in and out in 30 minutes with the best Lord’s chicken a girl could ever have. as we get on the field tonight, lay it all out. it’s time to eat. #tigerpride

ok wow i love these people // thx for bringing me to a gr8 time g :)

adventures of callie & han🌟 #wecaughtcriminals

highlight of the night🤩🌟#neonnights #fnl

luv my friends && football && the USA :)

summer ‘18: thx for the good times, thx for all the ice cream, thx for the guitar cuties, and thx for gr8 friends :) xoxo

our transmission went out, leilyn broke a foot, jaz dislocated a knee, rob pulled a muscle, and i got a knot on my head, but satan still couldn’t turn our eyes from Jesus #chattanoogaaaaa

move through each day with a joyful spirit

hey atl, it was real, it was fun, and i guess it was real fun too:)🤩

g o l d e n g i r l s

hold up. stop right there. it is an absolute QUEEN’s birthday today:) gracie: thank u so much for being everything a best friend should be, thank u for all the gr8 talks while we clean ur room, all of the lunchtime therapy sessions, all the burnt breadsticks and pizza rolls, everything!!! i never imagined that on august 23, you would become my bestie!!!! i love u sm and i hope ur bday is amazing as u are!!! 💋🤞🏻🤪🌍🍭💚

to my sweet sweet Nome, i wish you the happiest of birthdays. i am so so so thankful i was put into the caring hands of yours, who knows where i'd be without them. you are my home wrapped up into a human being. you have given me the world and more, and have never failed to put a smile on my face every day. from our car rides to school, making me spell "castle" (because that’s where a princess lives right), to our crying sessions because sometimes life is hard, you have given me more support than i could have ever asked for. you are the reason i am the person i am. you are the reason i haven't given up, in school, in soccer, in anything. you have been not only my grandmother, but also my mother, my best friend, and my light on a dark pathway. i can't thank you enough for showing me what faith looks like, having hope when everything seems hopeless, and giving love, even when none is given in return. i love you so much Nome. happy birthday.❤️

hello summa <3

so in the past week, we conquered our AP exam, had a gr8 time at springfest, and concluded another year of high school🤩 #bensquared #wedeservegoldstars

idk how i got so lucky with this one.... Nome, thank you for the advice. the late nights. the amazing Sunday dinners. the shopping trips. the dance parties. the dancing with the stars marathons. the happiness. the joy. the faith. the love. to all the mommas, grandmommas, aunts, thank you💗

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ pbr :) #theclowntickledme

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