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One of the oldest rules of film making, shoot your mids, tights and wides. Now I can capture all three with just my @samsungau Galaxy S10+. This phone has blown me away over the last few months and has allowed me to capture everyday moments like this in a cinematic way never before possible on mobile, from the three camera lenses to the crazy image stabilization this thing is the complete package, allowing me to capture every angle, whether it be up close or from a distance. #workingwithsamsung

This is my favourite shot I've taken so far this year and I took it during the first few days of 2019. It's crazy the amount of places I've visited purely to capture one image. These wrecks took a whole 3 hours each way just to get there and snap a few shots before leaving again. It sounds excessive but I've done it that many times that I know the end result will be worth it and the journey to get there will create some of the best memories that will stay with me forever. Would love to hear some of your stories behind shots you've taken. #droneshots #australia #tangalooma

Thank you to everyone who showed love on my last video from the Philippines. If you haven't seen it hit the link in my bio now and check it out! Was awesome seeing so many of you share it on your stories and show your support for a good cause with all the work we did over there with @karmagawa and Cancer Warriors! #karmagawa #coron #philippines

Just uploadrd a new Youtube video from the Philippines (click the linnk in my bio) The Philippines is one of the most beautiful places I've visited and that's the version a lot of us get to see here online, but the harsh reality is that a lot of the people and communities of these amazing places are struggling. On my trip to the Philippines with @karmagawa our main mission was to give back to these people in need, specifically the many children suffering from cancer. We visited these children and their families and did what we could to give back to them with our time and resources through the Cancer Warriors foundation. It would mean the world if you could hit the link in my bio and watch the full video and show support whether it be liking, commenting or sharing the video, every little action helps 🙏🏻🇵🇭 #karmagawa #philippines #coron #palawan

I've been lucky to travel to so many amazing places around the world but I still find myself most amazed by some of the places I find here in Australia. So lucky to be able to call this place home. Where's home for you guys? Let me know down in the comments #droneshots #australia #goldcoast

This is one of my favourite clips I've captured recently. The entire landscape was completely covered in shadow except for this tiny little sand spine which caught the last of the sun for about thirty seconds so I ran over to capture it from above before it disappeared #droneshots #australia

Captured a glimpse of first light in the reflection of the rice fields in Ubud. I love the abstract formation these crops take on when you look at them from above, and the sunrise made it that much better. Giving away my lightroom presets to a random person who likes and comments a bunch of flame emojis on this post 🔥🔥🔥#droneshots #bali #indonesia

Theres something super relaxing about this clip. I didn't have time to get down to Kingkling beach while I was on Nusa Penida so instead I flew over the cliffs to get a glimpse of what was below. One of the most unique coastlines I've ever seen #droneshots #bali #indonesia

Hangin out in my Mexican tree house. A little throwback to when me and my friends spent a week running around Tulum. It still amazes me that places and concepts like this exist. What's your coolest travel experience? Let me know in the comments below. #tulum #mexico #azuliktulum

Watch until the end! This is my favourite clip I captured during my short trip to Bali, this place was incredible and it goes to show how small we are in comparison to the world and our surroundings. Tag someone you want to explore the rice fields with in the comments below! #bali #indonesia #ubud

Catching first light over the rice fields in Ubud felt like something out of The Jungle Book. I haven't woken up for sunrise rise in a while so this was a nice little reminder to do so more often. How many palm tree emojis can we get down in the comments? 🌴🌴🌴 #bali #indonesia #ubud

Finally made it out to see the famous Nusa Penida Island the other week. Never seen anything like it! Definitely worth the day trip out there just for this view alone. Been editing everything from my Bali trip over the last couple of days, can’t wait to share it all with you guys. #bali #indonesia #nusapenida

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