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I don't sweat, i sparkle✨💕


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Your Sparkles Shall Never Be Unnoticed ✨🦄


Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift. That's why its called the present -KF.P💕

Happy new year people!! Went there with idiots but entered 2019 with the best💓🙆🏼

Self Obsession✨Didnt glow up at all but meh :/❤

Im a pedophile❤️👅💦 crds: @jooshuamoon

If you be my star, i'll be your sky. Whoops, fat but confident🌸

It's so cute how my frens still rmb me even tho i haven't met them for months tat felt like years❤️i love ya'll so much💕meet up soon😭 #tb

23rd June's story

Any crassy asses?🔎

.Happy National Sibling Day.To.My Fatty Potato.💕.

To my dearest hoe of all time, idk how many times I wanna say this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY FKFACE. Jeesos, this minah finally old but issa okay, we still immature. Goshhhhh we have so many memories tgt and both good or bad, still love u. I miss u, hoemaiiiiii. See chak(ya) soon? Hiok, good luck for ya N lvls tho🤞☘️Pew pew

Me everytime

the question isn't "who's going to let me?" it's "who's going to stop me?"

💫Merry Bitchmas yall💕 yes i know im a pain in the ass to u guys but hiok, u guys still stay💘hopefully 2018 we'll still be tgt HAHAAAAAA, K LA MEERY CHRISTMAS!!

Chak, lol dis is so random but chakk

#tb to Christmas Wonderland, the place tat's fking boring

#tb to ystdy

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