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This silly beauty has somehow been silly enough to stay with me for 4 years! It’s a special thing to wake up each day and have the “Official World Certified Most Stunning Smile and Even Better Laugh” (look it up, it’s true) in your life. Thank you @v_andonova for all your warmth, care, and every dimension of your beauty. U cool 😎❤️

This is by far the wildest road I’ve ever had the chance to drive on. At 17582’ (6360m) above sea-level, Khardung La is claimed to be the highest motorable pass on the planet. As we struggled merely getting up and across the pass with our car, it is hard to imagine that about 10,000 horses and camels would traverse these passes on the Ancient Silk Route every year on their way from Leh to Kashgar. As the gateway to the mystical Nubra Valley, it allows you to pour into some of the most breathtaking and otherworldly landscapes I have ever seen. This photo was taken about half-way up the road...

@jarradseng lost in Thor’s valley.

This is my sister. She’s a Legend. Everything and everyone she touches lights up, smiles, starts to dance, or turns to gold. Most recently she’s spearheaded the construction of a school for 120 Marma children in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Every day, she gives me a new reason to dream even bigger, to keep pushing. Here she is at almost 17,000ft caught in the mist of the Mighty Himalayas in her usual calm, compassionate, and elegant state. You may catch some of her magic at @fadecloser /// To know more about the school, check out @mpgresponsibilitynow

I took this shot when we were hiking up a mountain in Þórsmörk, hoping to shoot the glacial rivers in the valley from an elevated position. We plowed our way through the snow, chasing the last light of the day. As we neared the top of the mountain, I took a moment to catch my breath. I stopped, turned around and there it was.

Roaming through Iceland’s Þórsmörk valley in the dead of winter is definitely one of my most cherished memories. Everywhere - glaciers, rivers, mountains, dramatic weather and moody skies. I remember getting complete tunnel vision like never before, unable to focus on anything but the immense naked beauty around us; how to document it, how to understand it, and how to experience it. I’m crossing my fingers that I may soon find my way back to these majestic landscapes.

Einstein believed that the most beautiful experience we can have is the Mysterious, that it is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. I can think of no better explanation why the outdoors can strike us with such wonder; a continuous amalgam of a mad scientist and a baffling artist.

@aidanx22 sending 2018 out with a bang - and a lot of pow pow at @snowbird!

A visitor in the night. The arctic fox is an incredibly tough animal with countless adaptations that help it survive frigid temperatures as low as -58°F (-50°C) in the treeless lands where it makes its home. One of their most impressive adaptations is that they change the color of their coats to act as camouflage during the various seasons: beautiful white (sometimes even blue-white) to match winter’s ubiquitous snow and ice, and brown or gray among the summer’s rocks and plants. We got so lucky to spot this elusive, masterful artist of life in Iceland’s Thórsmörk valley.

Ready for some pow pow in Utah with the crew 🏂🤙🏼 @v_andonova @iceiceberger @aidanx22

Much like the ephemeral architecture and sculpture put up at @burningman each year, nature puts on a similar annual show in Iceland; carefully erecting stalagmites of massive dimensions and unspeakable splendor - only to melt them away come summer.

@jarradseng - camera in hand, keeping his eyes peeled for the next banger in midst of an Icelandic snow storm. // Shot at the magical Fjallsárlón glacial lagoon. ❄️

Caught one of my all-time favorite photographers @benjaminhardman in some Arctic temperatures at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Ben takes such a deeply precise and meticulous approach to his work, resulting in some of the most aesthetically beautiful, stunning, and soothing images that I have encountered.

I love it when winter hits with a big fat bang. Definitely hoping to get caught in a vicious blizzard this season.

Early morning Blues in the Alps. Thanks @kevingarystaub for the adventure. 🏔👌🏼

With @nasa attempting to descend their InSight Lander on the surface of Mars today, I wanted to share one of my favorite shots from the last time @daniichen and I visited the red planet. Thank you Otis and @horseshoebendtours for taking us through hours of bumpy roads to reach this majestic location. Standing on the edge of these cliffs and looking out over the waters and the approaching storm clouds truly felt like we had entered another dimension. Hope the Nasa landing goes as well as ours.👌🏼☄️

And then, I understood everything.

Flying over Lake Powell is a strange, otherworldly experience. Marvelous canyons formed by eons of rivers and flash floods, carved so gracefully no sculptor could reproduce them. Then flooded with water. So much water, so much desert, all converging in one place. It’s the mix of what you can and cannot see, what you believe but can barely fathom, that makes this place so special. 📸shot on my latest adventure with @daniichen 💛

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