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Softball❤️⚾️. Culinary Arts ❤️🔪. Concerts.🎤🎶. Tattoos. ❤️Piercings. ❤️ Music is my life🎶🎵🎧🎤 Culinary Institute of America🍴🔪🍳

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Screaming a giant FUCK YAH because my parents got me the limited edition preorder of @miwband new album as a part of my presents for my 22nd birthday

Yall i need to find money to buy myself one of these for my birthday cause its a collection being released for 4/20 ie my birthday ugh. I want the cant relate hoodie or the grinder so badly. #22 #needthese

Yall @valarysanders is like the sweetest human ever she has responded to every comment ive made on her posts.

This snapchat filter is bomb.

My makeup from last night for the masque. Your girl got asked back by the host to get paid to perform. Excuse the last picture i was drunk by that time but that was the makeup for my second song

🎶🎶 Bite my tongue bide my time Wearing a warning sign Wait till the world is mine🎶🎶

Shes so fucking precious i love her with every being in my body. She’s literally the best thing ive ever paid for in my life. #catahoulaleoparddog #catahoula #catahoulasofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #Nymmygirl #myswetbaby @nymthecatahoula

Why the fuck is he so damn cute? Like i forreal love this dude hes my bud well only when my dads not home cause when dads home im irrelevant. #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram #sirbobertdestroyerofropesandpigfemers #1year4monthsold #himsagiantpuppy #himsabigboy #85poundtoddler

Ignore my laughter but i have to say i think dad likes his dog

My makeup these last few days has been 🔥🔥🔥🔥especially the purple look. And idk why i havent posted about it yet. I cant wait to do the purple one again with my new purple hair. #jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestaralienpalette #morphe #morphebrushes #35vpalette #nyxcosmetics #nyxeyeshadowbase #nyxconcelar #nyxeyebrowpomade #nyxeyebrowtintedbrowmascara #maybelline #jefreestareyeshadowashighlighter #ultahighlightmoonphasespalette

Hi little Emi. It seems like ive been waiting to meet you forever. I just met you and i already love you. #emiliaquinn

Got my hair done today. Thanks @lips_and_snips for this looks a million times better. Swipe➡️ for the after. It looks black but its dark purple/ burgundy.

Got bored. I am now obsessed with @wherearetheavocados and drew some fan art based off the #buryafriend music video. #buryafriend #billieeilish #fanart #pencilandsharpiedrawing

🎵🎵 What do you want from me? Why don't you run from me? What are you wondering? What do you know? Why aren't you scared of me? Why do you care for me? When we all fall asleep, where do we go?🎵🎵 whats up?? Did my makeup to go dash and no where was busy so i took this dope ass picture by our back door. #billieeilish #buryafriend

Right here is my favorite author and ive gotten like 6 more people to read his works and even suggested him to one of my favorite Avenged wife and she seems like shes gonna read them from how she replied to me and that makes me excited just getting more people to read Joe Hills works makes me excited. More people need to be exposed to his greatness #JoeHill #Horrorwriters #horrorreader #horrorbooks #horror

Let goooooooo coheed number 3 number 2 for this year #childrenofthefence #ivealwaysbeenachildofthefence im so glad im done with college so i dont have to worry about if ill be in town or not. @coheed @claudiopsanchez

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