0930. 0520. Que sera, sera

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“When i isolate myself and nobody checks up on me”

An off guard i luuuuuuv

A hottie a model body super Armani I’m shinin🤩

She has the same effect on me that kid Cudi got on y’all

I really don’t feel like putting my wig on tonight i might just go to school with these cornrows

I’m still posted up where you first found meeeee 🤧😰 (dis my bad side)

I had a moment... but it came and went

My mind when I’m rambling

The mediocrity is killing me. But anyways i love this fit

The little things i do. Those things make me feel closer to you.

“The Girl in the White Dress” oil paint, 26x30 inch canvas (please like comment and share )

Omg were so artsy with paint on our clothes it’s like aestheticccc 🤪

Don’t think I’m crazy but i love this painting. The reasoning behind it is funny because it’s basically about how Diego would cheat and be like “it was just a fuck” and how that would literally hurt her to the core and this guy murdered his wife and was like “it was just a few nips” like it’s sick but at the same time it’s funny. It’s funnier when they show it in the movie. I promise I’m not sick, tired maybe, but not sick. Ugh Frida’s mind>

My style is inspired by Frida Kahlo. Her art and her as a whole is just ugh great to me. I say this often but i literally cannot say this enough. I love learning about her and looking at her work she was just amazing. Her taste in men is 100% questionable tho, convinced all artsy women just have terrible taste

Ariana’s album is a 10/10 for me. Especially imagine and needy. Just yes.

I’m so edgy I’m so different 🤪😩🔥

An honor to have my work featured & awarded in the scholastic show. Literally everybody’s art is amazing and it did nothing but motivate to step my game up and put all my other commitments on the back burner. Especially this one girl who’s art made mine look like shit, all i can say is I’m finna commit myself to art 100% because it’s competitive as hell and i have not been giving it my best. Just wait on it, newer and better art is coming.

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