This is my creative page, whether it be custom dresses, hair, makeup or my original paintings.... just creative stuff.

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“How you like it up there.. what’s your view from there? I bet it’s so cool to jet across the moon that’s how i picture you in my head...”

After i finished my finals I’ve just been relaxing & not doing anything at all lol... I’ll get back on it today tho i just needed rest. Here’s my personal favorite “washing away her sins; baptize me” yAll seen it once gon see it again 😙

Special thank you to my Camera shy mom for taking the time out of her free time to make me my prom dress 🥰 art is all about trial and error and this is her passion,so, with that being said I’m glad she gets to do what she loves through me ❤️ #prom2k19

“The Girl in the white dress” revised. Look at my previous post to see how serious the revision was. Y’all seen it before now y’all gon see it again. Like & repost & comment for me ❤️❤️ all love is appreciated.

Prices range from $15-$405. sizes (in inches) go from 8x10 to 36x46.

“The Girl in the White Dress” oil paint, 26x30 inch canvas (please like comment and share )

Don’t think I’m crazy but i love this painting. The reasoning behind it is funny because it’s basically about how Diego would cheat and be like “it was just a fuck” and how that would literally hurt her to the core and this guy murdered his wife and was like “it was just a few nips” like it’s sick but at the same time it’s funny. It’s funnier when they show it in the movie. I promise I’m not sick, tired maybe, but not sick. Ugh Frida’s mind>

My style is inspired by Frida Kahlo. Her art and her as a whole is just ugh great to me. I say this often but i literally cannot say this enough. I love learning about her and looking at her work she was just amazing. Her taste in men is 100% questionable tho, convinced all artsy women just have terrible taste

Needed this

An honor to have my work featured & awarded in the scholastic show. Literally everybody’s art is amazing and it did nothing but motivate to step my game up and put all my other commitments on the back burner. Especially this one girl who’s art made mine look like shit, all i can say is I’m finna commit myself to art 100% because it’s competitive as hell and i have not been giving it my best. Just wait on it, newer and better art is coming.

Don’t take my art so literal. I’m very much into symbolism. It’s easy

“The blue couch” & I’ll be making prints of my work soon to sell so stay on the look out.

I hope to be this good one day, Kehide Wiley has been inspiring me a lot lately. His work is amazing.

I have hella more paintings in progress.. just school and work been holding me back

Role model. I wanna be somebody great and remembered especially pertaining to my paintings and writings. I dream big and I’m hard on myself so that i can acquire my dreams; I wasn’t born to be average so.

This is probably the only piece I’m more than 50% satisfied with technically, aiming at the highest level of imitating real life so yeah I’m gonna be hard on myself lol, nonetheless this is great, but I’m not limiting myself to this and I’m gonna keep practicing. Anyways yeah it’s done.

Art imitating art. Entitled: Rage & Envy, started as an idea pulled out of my ass ended up being one of my best ideas/ pieces. Pictures do it 0 justice there’s so much richness and detail and layering it can’t capture.

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