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when i think about what fuels me, my first thought is coffee 😬 i drink it every day!!! but...there’s more than just coffee that sparks my joy and energy!! * i feel refueled by putting the pup in the back of my subaru, driving to the bay, and roaming the beaches together, rain or shine (today was rainy but i love how fresh it smells!) being outside (especially by the ocean 🌊 ) clears my head and fills me with eager anticipation for what’s next!! * * #livebangs #bangsblitz #blitzday

my sweet grace!!! the most caring, most joyful, and most resilient gal. what a blessing it is to have a friend as beautiful as you!!! the friendship i have with you is something i will always treasure! Happy Birthday you cutie pie!!! 💛

Bangs Blitz is back babbyyyy!!! we just celebrated earth day, 🌍 but i try to celebrate every day! :) • • • everything i’m wearing is either thrifted or bought from eco friendly companies!! i try not to buy clothes from name brands anymore. i also use this cute lil reusable mug every day for my iced coffees, tea, water, etc, reducing my plastic waste!! i love this world we live in so i’m attempting to keep it alive for as long as i can!! :) • • • #bangsblitz #livebangs

this guy!!! always laughing and always making me laugh :):) what a blessing 💛

I DID IT!!!! 👩🏼‍⚕️💉🔬 WSU Nursing School here I come!!! what an incredible thing!!!! * * * i’m telling the world because i am PROUD of this!! i have always struggled by setting unrealistic and too high of expectations because i thought that i just wasn’t good enough. but the Lord knew where I was going to be and WHO I was going to be, and now look where I am!!! i am so excited for this adventure!! i can’t wait to learn and grow and be challenged (a lot lol) so that i can go out and care for the people of the kingdom!!! my spirit is overjoyed!!!!

had to say goodbye to sb today, but i’ll be back!! so now off i go back to spo! see you in a few days roomie :)

~ t o d a y ~ was really good. some sb, my sweet sarah (and lyd), the salty sea & sour grass (lol lots of flavors!) :):) can’t wait for tomorrow!

Everyone!!! This is my incredible SxNW Spokane Wyldlife Team. In May, we get to do the Bloomsday Lilac Run, along with all of the other YL teams! It will give our whole area a chance to raise money for kids to go to Young Life camp this summer!! Middle and high schoolers will get AN ENTIRE WEEK to hang out with invested leaders, make memories full of laughter and fun, and experience the hope and truth of the gospel! If you would like to donate, (even just a little!!) the link is in my bio! If you can’t donate, that’s ok. because we also appreciate prayers. always :):) thank you x 10000!!

*the sweetest C O M P A N I O N * * this faithful friend of mine has been in my life for over a year but sometimes (ok really all the time) it feels like so many more!! we get to be roomies for two more years and i just love that. i can’t wait :):) we get to laugh together, adventure everywhere, worry about this life we live, and love one another always. sarah is an incredible companion and i am thankful for her every day * @bangsshoes @bangsambassadors #livebangs #bangsblitz #blitzday

this is me in my natural habitat. a coffee shop. a latte ☕️ and the fuzziest fleece i have ever owned (and my sweet unpictured friends!!!) ***and yes the snow is pretty but i am SO ready for spring

there are so many things in this world that make my heart soar!! just a few of my favorites include (but aren’t limited to) being home by the bay, a bestie gal/roomie and a cup of coffee, my golden pup at the ocean, and my dearest friends. they make this life that much sweeter 💛💛 • • • #bangsblitz #livebangs @bangsshoes @bangsambassadors

lately, consistency has been really really hard for me to come by. so for those that are also struggling with this, i hope the following words will serve as encouragement to your heart... • • • Here’s the thing; God is immutable. Unchanging. His promises are the same. He never wavers. He will always be who he says he is and will always do what he says he will do. He is the most certain part of life when everything else is staggeringly uncertain. In so many parts of the Bible, in so many ways, it says just how constant He is, which is consistent in and of itself!! It’s often hard to remember all of this. sometimes it’s unfathomable. but there is an inner sanctuary behind the curtain, to drop anchor and hold fast to the one that never changes. So even if your life is in a state of ups and downs, God is always of unchangeable perfection, remaining the same today as He was in the beginning 🧡

my sweet sister meg has grown into such a young lil lady and i don’t know if my heart can take much more!!!!

this month has been such a whirlwind. three weeks of school and then I’m back home again!! but this time, my sweet roomie came with me!!! i have gotten to show her all of the places that make my heart full. her new adventures were also new for me, because we got to share them together, and i fell in love with Bellingham all over again... • • • • @bangsshoes @bangsambassadors #livebangs #bangsblitz

so, jan term has been....a great adventure. really. but it’s also been really hard. but i’ve also laughed a lot, had many moments of stillness and silence, and began to slowly prepare my head and my heart for my fourth semester at whitworth. and now that it’s almost here, i find myself SO ready to see all of my people in one place again (liv & saru & grace i can’t WAIT to squeeze you three!!!), ready to take on new challenges, ready to pursue new adventures, and ready to completely open my heart and obey the Lord in all things!! So, Spring Semester, here I come!!!! 🌸 🌸 🌸

20 years old!!! what?!? sometimes the world seems like this, wonderful and captivating, but so so big. but this life is such an adventure!! the teen years are behind me and ahead of me are some great challenges, many changes, waisting time and pretending i know what I’m doing (when i really don’t). here’s to more spontaneity, laughter, and so. much. coffee ☕️

Hello insta friends!! 👋🏻 as of today, i am so excited to be a part of a company called @bangsshoes !!! our sweet founder Hannah invested in genuine and authentic people in China for many years to build and develop a safe a healthy place to make these shoes!! and now 20% of the profits from every purchase go towards helping young entrepreneurs pursue their dreams!! 🙌🏻 and ambassadors like me get to promote this amazing company all around the world!! and we get to build community and foster community along the way! so go check them out, (and if you like what you see, dm me for 15% off!!) • • • • • • #bangsambassador #livebangs @bangsshoes

S T I L L N E S S • • • • My word of the year!!! There is always going to be something to do, somewhere to be, someone to talk to, somewhere to go. I have found that the culture of “always doing” is extremely evident today, no matter what stage of life you are in. These past few months I really struggled. I relied on my own strength to “do”, all the while attempting to feel joy, peace, comfort, insight. but S T I L L N E S S is found in the strength and grace of Jesus. we can be led to learn, to grow, to love, to be challenged, strengthened and faithful. The world is freaking huge. It’s complex and confusing and heartbreaking at times, but He never expects us to try and figure it out on our own. Stillness is everywhere He is. Quietness and trust can be your strength!! He always fights for us, we need only be still!!

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