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Planning Prom like Pros! 24 hours till it’s here! 🥳🤟🏼 Also isn’t @krisxlyn such a babe!

Wow I like making my smoothie bowl cute 💕

I just wanted to pop on and say IT’S MY 18th BIRTHDAY🥳 and I couldn’t be more excited to be an adult and do cool things like buy a lottery ticket or go to jail! Because that’s what adulting is all about?😂🥳💕🎉🧁

Sometimes it's hard to lose things we loved. I think letting go is so difficult when things aren't going how we envisioned. I want to be able to do ALL the things I once could. It has been hard to accept that it’s possible to still be Emily and not be doing everything I once loved. But that’s life, that’s God, because in this trial I’m being forced to peel back another layer of who I really am. Sometimes you have to start fresh and step into change. The things I love to DO aren’t lost forever, but new hobbies will have to be found. I will start to find the the things that fulfill what has always mended my soul. They will be different, but they will still be me. I heard something beautiful today, “Sometimes God closes some doors to lead us to the right ones.” Hard times come to us all. It is my prayer that we come together and lift one another. That we help each other find the right doors after some close.

s e n i o r 🤙🏼 h o c o

A little flash back Friday because I couldn’t pass up posting this cute pic!!!💕💕💕💕💕#fbf #kimneedsinstagram

So I have struggled this week! I have almost written this post or changed the quote 293874 times! I think it’s just been a crazy, tough, & restless week for me...But today I sit here & all I can think about is how many lessons God has taught me recently. 🌀 I have to admit that I've had a VERY hard time with some life adjustments concerning my health. The first full week of school was a maaaasive blow to my pride & my plans for how I usually run life. I found myself struggling to keep up with my normal boss babe, do everything, help everyone attitude. So that’s why this week's quote is this 🌀 “We have to stop comparing ourselves to a version of ourselves we believe we SHOULD be.”- @thealisonshow 🌀 I “believe” that I should be doing more of what Emily “SHOULD” be doing. And that isn’t true! That version of myself that gets everything done & helps every single person with what they need & checks of all of her goals & never has to turn down an opportunity IS NOT reality. We can’t be everything & do everything. In different chapters of our lives, we will struggle physically or emotionally or even spiritually to meet with that version we want & that’s OKAY. 🌀 It’s OKAY to be sad. It’s OKAY to be angry. It’s OKAY to not have it all together! What we each bring to the table at any point in our lives is IMPORTANT! So don’t stop being amazing because your perception of amazing doesn’t meet your reality. We are all incredible humans who are learning so so much in this life. 🌀 Funny enough this isn’t what I thought I would write. But what is happening in your life right now is perfect—good or bad it just is. Do the best you can with it because that’s all I can do too. I love you all so much. Thank you for any support or love that you have given me! Keep on keeping on! ❤️

"God gave us families to help us become what he wants us to be." 🚲 I'm keeping this one a little shorter today 😉 but this is something I again struggle with. 🚲 We are where we are supposed to be! We are perfectly placed to achieve as much as we can in this life. The family you are in big, small, crazy, loud, dysfunctional, quiet, silly, stressed... maybe even a combination of all those; is not a coincidence. We in this life will cross paths with these people to GROW. 🚲 I am on vacation with my extended family this week and even these first two days have been a complete joy! To see my sweet aunts serve so completely in all they do teaches me. Or to let go with my silly cousins and have fun is what I need. 🚲 Love where you are, good or often bad. I can categorize myself as someone who struggles to trust that because things can be so overwhelming in this life. But truly at the end of the day, I am oh so blessed to be in gods family. One with a perfect plan. God loves you and me.💕💕

I’m oh so blessed to go to a church conference this week. I’m grateful for a reminder of who I am. I’m grateful for the amazing relationships I’ve strengthened. I’m grateful for the fun I’ve had. But mostly I’m grateful for this girl. She is AMAZING and such a beautiful daughter of god! I love you sweet girl! ❤️❤️❤️

“You really are good enough, pretty enough, & strong enough." - @22alfox ☀️ So today’s quote is something that’s really close to my heart. I find myself struggling to write about this because it’s something I still struggle with daily. I often find myself shaming my mistakes, shortcomings, and my constant inadequacy. Because I, like many, often don’t feel “enough”. I get caught up in life and at the end of the day I sit there and criticize myself for not being smart enough or outgoing enough or for heaven's sake perfect! We pick apart our lives searching for signs that we too are good enough for the rest of society. ☀️ But I have to stop myself, backup and acknowledge that I’m not nor ever will be perfect and my definition of “enough” is purely based on what I see in other people instead of what I see in the mirror. ☀️ We don’t need to be more of anything to be enough. I am exactly who and where I’m supposed to be at this exact moment. I am continually striving to better myself, to better the life around me, and the lives of others but that doesn’t mean that I’m less. ☀️ I guess we just need to love ourselves a little more. Because God loves us perfectly. He is creating a beautiful life just for us. Every step we take. Every experience, good or bad, is all because he loves us. So the question I’m asking myself this week is how can I choose to love myself a little more? And the answer for me and a lot of people is to STOP self-shaming over not being “enough”. ☀️ I Love you all! Have a wonderful week! YOU ARE ENOUGH!💛💛💛

I had a blast planting flowers at my favorite place this week!🌷💕

Working women right there 👆🏼🇺🇸#oldnavyflipflopday

“If we complain about life... we are only thinking about ourselves.” -Gordon B. Hinckley • I like this quote because it’s so true. When I complain about something I am only thinking about myself and my immediate inconvenience or problem. • I think a good alternative to this is service. Service helps me pour my heart into others and their needs. I find the best way to really feel GOOD, is to help someone else or brighten someone’s day. • I remember being very depressed about my mom being very sick. I can’t say I never complained because I did... all I cared about was the fact that I lacked a key role in my life. But I remember realizing I felt better when I made someone else feel better. I went around many Sunday afternoons those years placing paper hearts with kind messages on strangers doors. I did it anonymously and I have never known if those paper hearts really did any good... but I noticed a change in my heart and my perspective. • So that’s my message for today 😊 sorry if you dislike my long captions but I enjoy writing them. Love you all so much! Have a great day and see the blessings! 💕 #AEmilySpiritualThought

“Spiritual food is necessary for spiritual survival”-Dallin H. Oaks 💕 I’ve be thinking about this topic lately... how can I keep feeding myself the gospel of Christ? 💕 The answers are always the simple basic ones, pray to god, study the scriptures, serve, attend church. But one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is to try to feel the holy spirit everyday. 💕 Some days are better then others (let’s be real😂)... but I think god appreciates it when I try because the days I do the blessings and miracles happen. I tend to cherish the sweet moments with family, friends and life itself. 💕 (I think I’ll be doing these little quote thoughts more often btw) Love you all! Have a wonderful day! 💕☀️💕 #AEmilySpiritualThought

I love all these girls so much!! I had such a blast being a Youth Camp Leader this last week for each of my girls! God is good and he loves his children. I’m glad to have so many new little sisters! This church really does bless every part of my life! 💕🏕

First week of summer was a amazing 💕 here’s to week two!!!🎉 • • • #liketoknowit #lifestyle #blogger #mormon #lds #fasion #newmexico #newmexicotrue #albquerque #riorancho #sharegoodness #lifestyleblogger #ad @unumdesign #unumfam

Summer needs to come sooner! ☀️ #everydayfeelslikeayear #3moredays

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