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I'm alive and I live it. 😸 #getonmylevel

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It took 2 years of marriage, but we finally had to buy Draino...😂 Happy Anniversary sweet heart. I love you and I like you. Xoxo #thisismarriage #2years #yolo

Working on the Smucker’s team is a jam! 😏🍓☕️ #foodserviceadvertising #smuckers #coffeecoffeecoffee #yolo

Who doesn’t go to Onyx twice in one day? #bentonville #onyxcoffee #coffee #yolo

I love you and I like you.

Talk about a height difference... Still waiting for my mid twenties growth spurt. #oneday #feellikeiamshrinking #ohwell #yolo

It’s amazing what the word “treat“ does to Olukai’s attention!

Now realizing how short my hair is, and how long we have been friends. 👯‍♀️

My days of being taller than you are sadly coming to an end... thanks for making me the shortest in the family once again. I love you!❤️

Today was a big day for the Brackett family!!! Many do not know but a week before our wedding, in May, Hayden had an appointment for his knee that kept bugging him and locking up when he walked. Which then turned into needing a cartilage transplant, that’s right a transplant. So we waited for a donor for months. Finally December 13, 2017 Hayden had the surgery. It was a tough recovery process where I learned my calling was to not be a nurse... lol Hayden was not able to leave the couch for 5 weeks, then 7 weeks on crutches, and then finally being able to walk on his own. Since then it has been a period of healing and trying new activities that don’t require much movement. Which have had have there highs and lows. BUT TODAY September 25, 2018 Hayden has officially been cleared to finally be able to be active!! So there has been lots of celebration today and he has already been to the golf corse. Lots to be thankful for today and I am very excited to see him surfing again!:) I love you dear and I am so proud of you. Xoxo 😘😘😘

Seattle. The only state I can enjoy being outside for more than 10 minutes.🏔🌿 #hikeonhikeonhike #rattlesnakeledge #goldcreekpond #franklinfalls #seattle #yolo

Glad I was finally able to take my best friend to my favorite place. 👫 #seattle #pikeplacemarket #flowerheaven #yolo

I now have a plant budget each month. 🌱🌿🌵#wickmansgardens #plantlandy #plantsonplants #yolo

How has time flown by so fast. Happy one year anniversary sweet heart. #thecakewasstillgood #iloveyouandilikeyou #oneyearanniversary #married #yolo

Hamilton!! ❤️🙌🏼💯 oh and a golf tournament. #dreamsondreams #besthusbandever #bestsister #hamilton #yolo

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