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If he was able to do this after his death imagine what this man could have did if he stayed alive. Y’all don’t really see the impact of this picture. ETG and 60’s are enemies. Hoovers and 60’s are enemies. The Gangstas and Neighborhoods are enemies. Bloods and Crips are enemies. Bloods are going against Bloods and Crips are going against Crips yet they came together for Nipsey. Imagine what would’ve happened if Nip was able to meet with the LAPD about stopping gang violence. That could’ve impacted generations to come.

This one hurt my soul. I been rocking with Nip since 2008 . I seen the growth in him. I admire this man. He has done the unthinkable. He sold a 100 dollar mixtape independently. He started his own clothing line without the help of anyone. He started his own record label. He bought the same plaza he used to hustle in. He the only rapper I know to put his grandma on a private jet. He was more than just a rapper. He is a father to his daughter and son. He is a brother. He is a son . He is inspiration to the youth. He put a basketball court on his elementary school play ground. Nipsey was a leader , a hero, and an overall incredible individual.

I fell back from self medicating with weed. I fell back from spending all day in the hood . I left my hometown. I left my old mentality behind. I left my fears and doubts on the concrete because I’m ready to soar to heights I’d never thought I would reach. I’m growing day by day. The things I’m doing as we speak will make sure that I can live comfortably when my body grows old and my bones get weak.

So you think I’m out here buying bitches Sprites and shit ? Bitches ain’t shit I swear.

Oh you nasty nasty

The dollar sign . I woke up broke and ain’t been the same since.

She not on powder but she can hear them Perkys calling.

Who tf wanna fuck Khloe anyway ? That bitch built like a small forward. Ain’t no way in hell I would get rich then have a baby by a bitch that’s built like Magic Johnson.

Oh word ? I need somebody daughter to come believe in me right quick.

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