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I am flying home in a few short hours. I've been traveling for 3 weeks, first for work then for health. As many of you know, health has been a struggle for me most of my life but never more so than the last 4 years. Countless doctor and ER visits, medications, alternative treatments and even experimental treatments. Nothing has worked and in fact I have gotten progressively worse. In the last 6 months I have had more bad days than good. So I extended my trip in Bali to see if I could get some healing from different sources. I have spent the week trying many different things. It all culminated today as I saw a Balinese healer named Pak Man. It was an incredible experience as was the week itself. The healing session was intense, it was painful, it was emotional, it was peaceful somehow. He saw me and he saw my illness. He looked deep in my eyes and said "you have many health issues and for a very long time." He did not tell me it was in my head or that it was imagined like many doctors have. He did everything he could do to heal me. I needed that. . I havent had a flare the whole week I have been here. I cannot say that I am healed, I know this is a longer process but I decided to memorialize the experience by posting a make up free selfie with no filter other than black and white because well...baby steps. My illness greatly affects my skin and face and this is the clearest and the least painful it has been in over 4 years. It's not perfect and time has definitley changed it but today, this week, well it has all been a journey to find a way to love it any way I can. I may never find relief longer than a week, at least that is what western doctors have told me so if this is the one week of feeling better and looking like a normal human being again, I wanted photo proof. . . . #healing #bali #pakman #journey #health #chronicillness #autoimmunedisorder

I just had the most amazing experience. Now to clarify my sister @jasminblacksher was with me and has a completely different perspective of what just happened but I am so...I dont even know the word for what I am. . We did a sacred cacao ceremony with gong sound healing tonight inside 2 different pyramids. It is very hard to explain but the evening went like this.. . Sage out the negative energy, palo Santo the good. Learn a little about pyramids while sitting inside of one with flowers in the shape of a heart at the center and lit by candles. Next drink the sacred cacao. Now move around a bit. Next up, chanting for 4 minutes. Now...lights go down, stars on the ceiling and theres a 5 song dance party. Bathroom break. Then some intimate gratitude sessions with strangers (a bit awkward, I'll admit). Now we move to the sun pyramid where we lay on mats while there is live gong sound healing for 45 minutes. It was dope and energetic and just exactly what I didnt know I wanted for my healing journey. . . . 📸 https://pyramidsofchi.com

That's a wrap ladies and gentlemen. 3 events in 3 cities (Nashville, Copenhagen, Bali) and an entire year of work has come to a close. A week of vacation then we start all over again. . . . #milestonecommunitydays #maketheworldsee #worklife #speaker #eventplanning

Some days are just better than others. . . . #calmbeforethestorm #manaribeachhouse #sofitelnusadua #baliindonesia

That's a wrap on MIPS EMEA. 2 down, 1 to go. Bali here I come.🌴 . . . #milestonecommunitydays #mips2019 #maketheworldsee #worklife #speaker #emcee #travel #tivolihotelcph

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