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Look! It’s a hippy jumping! . . . 🤳🏼: @myles_sel

Lying on my ass at the skatepark the clouds made a beautiful backdrop for the trees, almost like they were reaching out to one another - deep times can give you the perspective for the highest beauties to be seen - - 🌫Clouds floating over the trees like waves over coral 🌫

Life is well-reflected in the abstractions made by children . . . .🎨 my niece the next Pollock or Kandinsky 🎨

Srs.. . . . . . . . Seriously random statements

14:47: your environment will make you. what we eat, what we encounter, how we are degraded and built up all impact physically and psychologically who we see ourselves to be. What we are conditioned with and what we are enlightened to changes our habits and it is other people who condition and enlighten us. Some of this we may control; what we watch, read or listen to. But sometimes we struggle to control this facet of our environment as we cannot easily avoid the effect bosses or strangers in the streets have on us (not giving money to homeless people because nobody else is may be an example the occurrence of which we are perhaps unaware of). . . Social pressure can often feel like drowning in a barrage of waves all trying to push you in seemingly opposite directions. The point of this caption is to reveal the ability we all have in deciding not which waves crash into us, but how we react to them. Which ones we ride and which ones we dive under. We can choose how we are moulded and how we are moved by filtering through what moulds and moves us. Having only, or as many as possible, positive influencers around you is like only allowing yourself to be taken by the waves that push you towards the shore. This cannot completely be controlled; a teacher once told me we all come into contact with people we simply do not see eye to eye with and challenge us in being what we consider good people. So some waves may take you unexpectedly, meaning you still have to swim. But hopefully if you have surrounded yourself with enough strong waves you’ll have the remaining energy to make it back to shore. It’s like how Gimli the dwarf in lord of the rings doesn’t need to jump far when his G Aragon can throw his ass. We all have weaknesses and strengths but if we don’t support those around us the strengths are less valuable and the weaknesses more apparent. In finishing this a quote from Into the Wild seems appropriate: “happiness is only real when shared”. True or not, perhaps happiness is best when shared, like the light from a candle will only make the room brighter by being shared. 1. Find your tribe. 2. Create greatness. 3. Share it for all. 4. Be your best self. 🌊💜

🗣🎶📚 heart on my chest and in the sounds of my breath 🗣🎶📚

Simply pop shov’s... (brightness up and brighten up people) 📹: @yhrly

Bond under ground

Gone under ground

the street



🕳fish eyes🕳


Villain: a mixture between both with a twist of liquor.

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