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I’m Rachel I’m 17 and Cimorelli is my Life!!!! ❤️💛💙❤️💛💙 Joined the Cimfam in July 2018 Fan Account Since 1/2/19

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Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for everything. For all the love, for all the views, the likes, the laughs. I love you all so much. When I started this account I was not prepared for this amazing loving CimFam that I met. You’re all so amazing and I am so happy to call you all my friends. But....Even though I love you all and I love the girls so so much, I don’t think this account is right for me anymore. I truly love this account, but I feel it is my time to leave it. I invested everything in this account and I poured my heart and soul into it. But I think it’s taking away from me in real life, and affecting my relationships in real life. I’m not disabling my account, but for now I am taking an “extended break”. I will be back to visit and if u ever need anything Dm me and I hope I’ll be able to answer. @cimorelliband , I love you all so much. You are the light during the hard times and the happy times. I look forward to your videos every week. You all inspire me so much , and I love how genuine and true you all are. I am still a part of the cimfam even if I don’t show it through this account. I am still watching every video and every podcast. Thank you so much. I love you. ❤️

Finishing off #cimorelli30daychallenge today and you’ll see why in a minute

✨Day 25 ✨ First video I watched : I’m not sure if this counts so I’ll do both. I watched the call me maybe with mattyb a few years ago but I had no idea who Cimorelli was then this past summer the storytime video of Lauren and Dani came up in my recommended and I’ve been hooked ever since 😊 #cimorelli #cimorelli30daychallenge

✨Day 24✨ Favorite Tour: I love you or whatever your because they came right near me and I was supposed to go 😭 #cimorelli30daychallenge @cimorelliband #cimorelli

Charlie Puth singing with the Made In America music video

THANK YOU @lisacimorelli AND @tylerwardmusic FOR BLESSING MY EARS!!! no for real this was sooooo goood and I can’t stop listening to it. Love you both ❤️

✨Day 23 ✨ Favorite Couple Lisa and Chad are my favorite because they’re so fun together but they’re also so honest and good to each other. Lisa is so happy with him and I’m so happy for her ❤️ #cimorelli30daychallenge @lisacimorelli @xchadballx #cimorelli

Still just having fun with the new editor lol lmk if u like it! #cimorell @lisacimorelli #lisacimorelli @cimorelliband #edit #cimorelliedit

Google photos made me this and it’s literally so cool I can’t @laurencim #laurencimorelli @cimorelliband

✨Day 22✨ Favorite photo shoot : definitely the wedding!!!! #cimorelli30daychallenge #cimorelli @cimorelliband

🔥 FLAMES 🔥 (Excuse my horrible editing skills lol I’m trying to practice 😊) @laurencim #cimorelli @cimorelliband #edit #flames #laurencimorelli #dauren

✨Day 21✨ Favorite Song in Sad Girls Club #cimorelli #cimorelli30daychallenge @cimorelliband

✨Day 20 ✨ Sorry guys I totally didn’t realize i skipped this one 🙈 Favorite Dani Outfit @danicimorelli #cimorelli30daychallenge

AHHHH!!!! I just got my first Cimorelli merch!! I am so excited to wear this!!! I am so proud to show off how much I love the girls!!! I’m so excited I’m literally gonna wear it to sleep 😂 • • • • •❤️💛💙#cimfamforlife ❤️💛💙• • • • @cimorelliband @christinacimorelli @katherinecimorelli @lisacimorelli @amycimxo @laurencim @danicimorelli @cimorellimerch

I’m trying out a new video editor! Lmk if u like it! Also, don’t watch this if u get motion sickness 😉 @cimorelliband #cimorelli #cimorelliedit

Swipe to see Katherine’s hair grow ➡️➡️➡️ @katherinecimorelli #cimorelli @cimorelliband #katherinecimorelli

✨Day 19 ✨ Favorite Album Cover @cimorelliband #cimorelli #cimorelli30daychallenge

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