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It's been 7 years since we have had Pink Friday Roman Reloaded ❤️💖 this honestly is memories on top of bops for me we had #starships #rightbymyside #vavavoom and my favorite #romansholiday This was Nicki's second album I'm so proud of my baby @nickiminaj keep up the good work babe plus we need pop Nicki back sis where she at ?? 😭😩 #nickiminaj #nicki #barbz #barbs #pinkfridayromanreloaded

Appreciation post for Nicki with black hair she kills every color but that black hair is Killa on her #nickiminaj #nicki #barbs #blackhair

Soooo.... Idk why ppl mad over a cancelled show like... TF y'all want Nicki to do over ride the ppl at the damn arena. Some of y'all really make no since talking about she doing it cus she can't sell out shows... Well hunty she has if she doesn't do one oh fucking well. Y'all really acting like she is obligated too sell out all of her shows as if every damn artist sell out all of their shows... but they don't get dragged for cancelling or not selling they full tickets but y'all expect Nicki too for wat ?😅 And the ppl there who chanted that shit needs to be slapped cus y'all really gone buy a fucking ticket just to be pressed cause it's postponed due to y'all fucking weather ? Now... If she performed in that weather and the power went out at that show y'all bitchs would be mad ASF talking about she should have cancelled and blah blah... All y'all fake hoes complain about everything y'all ungrateful ASF and I hope she don't come there again... That was extra ASF and y'all could have simply moved along and went to the rescheduled show or got a refund it wasn't that deep to blame her for y'all weather she is not mother nature or a weather man.... How is it her fault when it's something out of her reach. #nickiminaj #barbz #queenradio

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