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Call my mom and let her know that everything is alright

@xavierhs is still the rival though.


Ima stop the chasing like an alcoholic #formistrash

That’s a pretty fckn fast year flew by. That’s a pretty long third gear in this car.

Wish we’d grown up on the same advice.

I did a bunch of __ because I couldn’t sleep. I lost my __ mind I chipped my __ teeth.

When I was a little kid the doctors told me I could never have a pet. They said my asthma was too bad and it would be too dangerous. You were an absolute miracle. I’ll miss you.

4 years later and Carney still hasn’t posted my record. #sorryterence

Her mother, brother, grandmother, hate me in that order.

My ex lookin back like a pillar of salt #flannelboy #damngina

We way too young to get old Happy birthday brother

The devil dances, and eventually answers to the call of autumn. #bluerooms

And no this ain’t a purse, it’s a satchel I’ll miss you Brodie @jackfitz._

Saw my baby down by the riverside.. knew she’d have to come up soon for air #deadheadszn

Buying hella bug spray, making sure I get OFF #mastercard

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