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Happy Easter!! 🐰🐣

Seriously the best season. 🌸 I also cannot wait for Kai to see his Easter basket tomorrow!!

Went to the aquarium today! Kai definitely enjoyed it way more than when he was 1 lol. I also got him a cute sea jigsaw puzzle to surprise him with on Easter. 🐳

Nana took us to lunch 🖤

Bc I’m cute sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

We had so much going on today that I just got a break. 🙈 We took Kai to the dentist, he did AMAZING. I’ve had to hold him in my lap the past few times and he stayed in the chair today and only had to hold my hand a little bit lol, and he’s teeth are great! We then took him to airborne and jumped on some trampolines. I did a handspring for the first time since like early high school lol. Went to Ikea, built Kai his bed, got some cold stone, went to target: got distracted with other cool things and forgot two of the things I was looking for, AND got our taxes done (very last minute, but we did it LOL. 😅)

Kai is a very difficult model to work with. But we got some cute photos lol. I just wanted to take some photos with the flowers so bad 😂🌸

The sun finally came out for like 10 minutes yesterday so we went outside and pretended to be a dinosaur bc of Kai’s cool slippers.

Bath time is our favorite!! Kai wanted to lay down for a photo but then immediately was like “oh no my ears are wet!!” 😂❤️

Hi everyone! Last year I had a few people wanting to book shoots with the blossoms but tried to book after they were no longer blooming. If you want some photos with them you need to book your session for this month! 🌸 if you are interested please email me at (@briperceyphoto)

Went to see sam’s fav band Mom Jeans tonight with some amazing people 🖤

Kai’s broken bone is healed up and he can take his boot off, now it’s just a matter of us getting him to walk without it. We’ll see how long that will take. 🤷🏻‍♀️

We were on our way to Disneyland today last year. So here’s some polaroids of that trip. 🖤

“Honey... where are my pantssss?!” From the LEGO movie is Kai’s fav new phrase. Also, like I think the park is an everyday thing now? Lol. Kai wakes up and goes “go to the playground?!”

Spent the past few days with Kai’s aunts! Dani and Jojo. Kai is exhausted bc he had a blast! ❤️

We have been to the park almost everyday for the past week and half and Kai is looooving it lol.

I promise I don’t eat a lot of donuts. I just buy them for people’s birthdays sometimes 🙈

This two visited yesterday and I’m so happy I got to see them. Forgot to take a photo, so here’s the one we took right before they moved. 😭❤️

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