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OUT NOW!! EVERYONE GO LISTEN!! Self Care 🙇‍♂️❤️ love you all. I hope you all love it. Link in the bio ☝️ #music #producer #hiphop #soundcloud #selfcare #mentalhealth #followme

Midnight next Friday!! 👁🧠 ‘Self Care’. It’s a seven song project that I really took a step back and tried too push the importance of mental health and self care. 2018 has been a crazy year. We lost some icons and we learned more about ourselves as people. Your mental health is important and should be taken seriously. As well as the people around you. Everyone is battling everyday with something that they don’t talk about openly or freely. Its just human nature too stress about things. So it’s important too reach out and have an actual conversation with your family and friends because you never know what’s really going on in there lives. If you take something away from this project when you hear it, I want it to be a “hey let me go and call so-and-so, check up on them”. Your voice is the most powerful instrument and tool you have. Use it. 🙌🙏 P.S. 2018, hell of ride, I felt like I proved with production I’m next level and I’m only getting better. I was able too finally start putting out music I enjoy and love ✊ 2019... I’m gonna prove that lyrically I spit with the best in the entire game. Y’all going too see 😈🙇‍♂️ #rap #selfcare #newmusic #soundcloud #followme #followme #music #hiphop #producer #hotnewhiphop #hot97

we just some motha fucking kids 😜 #RIPMac

‘Chasing Dreams Since A Youth’ AT MIDNIGHT!!! 23 songs as promised 🙏🙏. Thank you too everyone throughout this entire project. I poured my heart and soul into this. This album was recorded in my room and in a shed. This is only the beginning for me. I’m going too let the debut drop at midnight and i look forward too seeing how it does and how all of y’all like the album. Just too answer a couple questions, i will let the album sit for a bit and let it get its recognition that it deserves. However, like i said, this is only the beginning. I have plenty more content too come. I will still keep putting out remixes for you guys. But as far as my next major project ive been working on a couple things. I will keep doing my best in making music for everyone and I hope that this album connects too you the way it connects too me. Love too everyone, thanks for your support 🙏❤️ #me #rap #written #producer #debut #newmusic #soundcloud #followme

The second single comes out at Midnight!! ✊ ‘The One’. Hope everyone likes it!!! One week away from my debut album!! Link will be in the bio 🙌🙌 More coming 🔜 #rap #newmusic #soundcloud #debut #followme

I have loved music since I was born. I started playing instruments like the guitar and piano when I was seven. I started writing songs at eight. From making beats in my room too buying myself a whole recording set. Now, at twenty one, I’m ready too drop my debut album “Chasing Dreams Since A Youth” on October 5th ✊. This album came into a reality instead of a dream about three years ago when I decided I had something special. With the way I look at the world and with my experiences I hope that this album shows exactly who I am and what’s made me into who I am today. 23 songs. All mixed, mastered, written and produced by me on my MacBook Pro. I hope everyone enjoys it and takes something away. I also want too thank everyone whose ever helped me in my life, whether they’re still here or not, words can’t explain how greatful I am for you all helping me in life. So, this Friday I’ll be dropping my first single that’s off the album called ‘Hometown Nights’ 🔥🔥 I hope you all fuck with it haha. Chase your dreams, you might just catch a star ✊😴 #newmusic #debut #rap #soundcloud #followme

New Remix out at midnight!!! Throwback too Nas, I felt like with Cole dropping his album of the year freestyle over this beat, its only right for me too go on it 😅🙏. Oochie Walley Remix ✊✊ Tell your friends, family, enemies, pets... whoever!! Hope you all enjoy this one 🔥🔥 #oochiewally #albumoftheyear #nas #jcole #newmusic #followme #soundcloud

Words cannot describe how much this guy impacted my life... i grew up with mac through his mixtapes and albums. He was an amazing mind and one of the kindest humans too ever walk on this planet. Mac, you gave me a whole other level for appreciation too music. We never met but i always felt like through your music that we did. So that’s why I wrote this Remix for you. Ill put it out tonight at midnight. Mac Miller, an OG, love you man. RIP ❤️🙏 #rap #newmusic #soundcloud #macmiller

100k+ on the last two 🙏🙏. Appreciate everything ❤️. This Friday 12 AM!! Glorious Thugs Remix 😤😤. I promise this one has something special in it 🤷‍♂️👁 #flatbushzombies #followme #tde #newmusic #rap #soundcloud big changes coming 🤫🤫

Over 1 million plays on two remixes... speechless. Words can’t describe how grateful i am right now. This moment is something ive dreamt about since i was a kid, and with everything that’s happened, too be standing here in this moment with two remixes getting over 1 million plays. It feels special. Too everyone who’s listened too them, showed someone else it, posted pictures of it on social media trying too put it out more and too the people who’ve came up too me and told me they love the music. Thank you. Now its my turn too show you guys how grateful I am... Two Remixes dropping this friday!! Ive been on my Russ vibe lately with all the views on soundcloud so.... the two remixes are Manifest by Russ and Brooklyn Freestyle by Russ 🔥🔥🔥. Russ you’re a genius 🙏. Thanks again everyone!! Much love ❤️

Hey everyone!!! My All my Life (In The Ghetto) Remix drops tonight at midnight!! I’m gonna keep going with these #FraassFridays and keep dropping music for y’all ❤️. I appreciate all the love you guys have given me. I know y’all will like this one 😈 I had too do right by my boy Jay Rock 🔥 #newmusic #rap #soundcloud #tde #jayrock #followme

2009 Mac Miller Remix!! 🔥 The support again has been unreal!!! 5k+ in 9 hours... LETS GOOOO. I love doing this for all of you. It’s truly a blessing and all the support that i’ve gotten. I hope everyone enjoys it! A different kinda side of me #2009 #macmiller #followme #soundcloud #thebeginning

23.3K on the Sicko Mode Remix!!! Thanks everyone again 🙏🙏 Two songs over 10k+ listens on both 😅 Speechless... I got another one coming out this Friday 😈 2009 by Mac Miller Remix, Friday 12:01 AM, on my soundcloud. Link too it is in my bio! Everyone thank you for the love and keep listening, ima keep grinding ✊💯 #followme #macmiller #newmusic #bigthings #2009 #Rap

SICKO MODE REMIX!! Go Listen 🔥🙏😷 WERE AT 2,600 PLAYS IN COUPLE HOURS!! #SickoMode #travisscott #followme #newmusic

Sicko Mode Remix Drops Tonight at Midnight!! 😈✊ Everybody take a listen and spread the word. We’re pushing the game too a new level 🔥🔥. Soundcloud: Bfraass. Link is in the Bio ✌🏻Thank you 🙏 #newmusic #bigthings #astroworld #travisscott #justwaitonit #followme

11.5K in a week! I really appreciate all the love everyone has given me!! Let’s step the game up. If I get 1,000+ likes on this post and 1,000 more views on my “I Might Need Security Remix” on my Soundcloud: Bfraass. Ill drop another remix next friday 😈🙏 #newmusic #justwaitonit #chancetherapper #astroworld #bigthings #follow #followme

10.4K views, 1,400+ likes and over 450 followers on soundcloud in under 3 days!!! Words can’t describe how grateful I am for everyone who listened 🙏 More things coming I promise, just wait 😈 #imightneedsecurity #ChanceTheRapper #NewMusic #justwaitonit

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