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Holy binge, Batman! So today is an example of why I’m sharing everything on IG. I effed up today. Bad. Had an emotional start to my day, with reminders of how worthless and unloved I’ve felt. I wish I could say that I was strong and got past it. But I totally didn’t. At least I tracked everything...? I also did a lot of soul searching. I decided that I need to have a lot more structure to my diet. I’ve been very flexible with myself the last few weeks. Even though almost everything was “technically” keto, it’s all been processed crap. So for the rest of November at least, I want to focus on making more things at home. That will also help me with the sodium levels. Today I took in 8.7 GRAMS. That’s a crap ton. I’m going to work on thinking of the concrete goals and steps I need to work on. Hopefully I can share those out tomorrow. #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #ketoaf #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #healthylifestyle #savingmylife #binge #bed #lowsodiumdiet #progressnotperfection

I signed up for AMC’s A-List yesterday. It lets you see three movies a week, even in IMAX or 3D. So far I’m liking it a lot better than Movie Pass. There aren’t any hoops to jump through and there are very few movies that are excluded from the program. So, I made it a double feature last night. The Nutcracker was better than I thought it would be, but I still managed to fall asleep during the second act. Bohemian Rhapsody was so good, but I love love love Queen. Rami Malik was fantastic. This was my first time at a theater since my commitment to losing weight. Smelling that popcorn all night was HARD! But, I didn’t get any. I know myself. One taste would turn into a large, buttery mess with a free refill. Popcorn is one of my trigger foods and I will have to be vigilant about not having any. BUT, AMC had these little Hillshire Farm packs with meat and cheese, so that’s what I got. Much more reasonable calorie wise. I was so thankful that there was an option besides just a hot dog or pickle, both of which have way more sodium than I need. I’m also in need of eating at home. My meals were all take out. While I can stick to my calories and macros most days, the sodium in restaurant food is killing me. My swelling is never going to go down if I don’t cut back. Oh, and drink water. Always with the water. #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #ketoaf #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #healthylifestyle #savingmylife #bohemianrhapsody #thenutcrackerandthefourrealms #movielover #amctheaters #amcalist

Came in right at my calorie goal and macros were pretty good. I had regrows beans in my dinner (a no shell taco salad) and I was still under my carbs limit! They were sooo tasty! Still not doing well with the sodium. My left foot is #swole and my shoe is getting uncomfortable. But, now I’m on my 4th day back in the classroom and the standing and walking around campus is already getting easier! #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #ketoaf #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #healthylifestyle #savingmylife

Had a pretty damned good Halloween. Didn’t have ANY candy! 😁 Saw this mask at Walmart. I swear in person, it looked sooo much like Ted Cruz! Hahaha My meals were all drive thrus. I was so tired and running on empty most of the day. But, I still managed to come in right at my calorie goal and my macros were good. Oh, and I got a job. So there’s that. 😆😆😆 Looking forward to first day as the official teacher of record in my classes!! #ketodiet #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #ketoaf #healthylifestyle #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #savingmylife #zodiackiller #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife

Who has two thumbs and just accepted a job offer to teach middle school social studies and science?? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!!! #hellsyeah #teachersofinstagram

So I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged the last few weeks. I gained two weeks ago and had a small loss this week. But I keep forgetting that I had a HUGE loss my first week. When I look at the overall progress for this month, I’m totally happy. Plus, I didn’t even get going until the 10th! I still have around 10 pounds to lose for my diet bet by the 11th. On a side note, where does everyone get the yearly calendars with each month listed? Do you design them yourselves? #imaloser #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #progressnotperfection

Dug out my Nightmare Before Christmas sweater for today. I’ve already had one kid comment on it. I have tons of sweaters and scarves that reflect my fandoms. I love being to show my personality at school in mostly professional ways. This is Halloween, this is Halloween! 🎃👻😈🧙‍♀️🧛‍♂️🧟‍♀️ #halloween #nightmarebeforechristmas #timburton #torrid #jackandsally #teachersofinstagram #teacherstyle

I was craving some chocolate after school today and went for the SF dark stuff. On a TMI note, some sugar free candy apparently relieves me of my common keto side effect. 😂🤣😉 Also got some sugar free ketchup and basic layering pieces for fall - long sleeve T-shirts, leggings, etc. Oh, and I’ve already been given a little present from a student. They made me a rubber band bracelet at lunch! Breakfast was two egg cups. Lunch was pizza in a bowl. No dinner, too tired. Snacks were a babybel cheese, two slices of bacon, and the dark sf chocolate. Macros looked pretty good! #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #ketoaf #healthylifestyle #sugarfree #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #weightlossjourney #savingmylife #cantstopwontstop #progressnotperfection

It’s been a good day, but I just want to whine/set some more goals for a minute. 1. I want to wear BOOTS! I’m not a fan of fall and I despise winter, but I do love the footwear. I haven’t been able to wear boots for a while and it’s definitely a no go now with the massiveness of my left leg. So, adding boots to the goal list. These will do, but I dream of over the knee ones. 2. I want to take a bath. It’s been years... I’m not really able to get up and out of a bath tub and I’m terrified of getting stuck. I saw some bath bombs at the store tonight and I want the unicorn one sooooo bad. I want a bath bomb, some rose petals, candles, wine, and a book. On to the goal list it goes. #weightlossjourney #girlwashyourface #bootseason #bathbombs

And I’m done! It’s been a year since I put in a full day in the classroom. I am sooooo tired! #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #teacherprobs

Good morning!!! I’m at my potential 🤞🤞🤞school, ready to sub for today. 🎶I’ve got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight...oooh back to school, back to school...🎵 I blasted my car heater on the way here to help dry my hair. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does that! 😂😂😂 #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #cantstopwontstop #billymadison

Pteviously, on @brandnewamanda - I had a loss today!! Down 3.4lbs! I was up last week, so it was flippin fantastic to be moving in the right direction again. According to my macros, I had too many carbs today. But they were all veggies. My body was craving them and I obliged. As long as I’m under on calories, I’m ok with it. Eating ketofied means that I’m not hungry at all between meals. No breakfast. Chipotle salad for lunch - double steak and loooots of Tabasco! 🌶🌶Dinner was avocado tuna salad. Snack - lemon @smartbakingcompany cake and butter. I meal prepped for the rest of the week, so I don’t have to think about what to eat. I’m subbing at my potential 🤞🤞🤞school the rest of the week! Off to bed early! #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #imaloser #ketoaf #healthylifestyle #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #savingmylife #mealprep #teachersofinstagram

Meal prep! I haven’t done this in years. But, I’m working four (!) days this week and want to make sure that I have good decisions ready to go. Made egg cups with mushrooms, Rotel, cheddar, and bacon. Also, pizza in a bowl. They look so good! Ground beef w/Penzey’s Italian sausage spice, low carb pasta sauce, pepperoni, banana pepper, bell peppers, onion, and cheese. YUMMO! #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #ketoaf #ketodiet #ketoweightloss #ketobreakfast #ketoliving

#movebackMonday ?? to Halloween 2010. One of the greatest nights ever. Be jealous that you weren’t there. 😉 #halloween #pirate #cat #death #eduardotheparrot #shenanigans

I love winning stuff!! KetoKrate sounds pretty awesome. #ketokrate #ketoaf

WHAAAAAATTTT???? I was CERTAIN that I wouldn’t have a loss today. My leg is ridiculously swollen and I thought I was done in for. But alas, my scale had a surprise for me. I checked three times just to be sure! In the past, my frustrations from this week would have sidelined me and I would have given up. But this time, I trusted my plan. A calorie deficit will work. It will. I’m a good 3-400 calories under my basal rate. That should result in a loss. And by golly, it did! (I’m still gonna work on watching my sodium though. This leg swelling has to go!) #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #ketoaf #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #healthylifestyle #savingmylife #progressnotperfection #babysteps #onwardandupward #notgivingup #cantstopwontstop

My left leg is quite roughly the size of this tree trunk. 😭😭😭 I’ve been sticking to my keto plan and my calories, but I’m apparently holding on to every drop of water I’ve ever drank!! I looked back at MyFitnessPal logs and what do you know? My sodium has been through the roof! So priority #1 next week is to watch my salt intake and drink, drink, drink. I cannot stand for this leg to stay this big! I ate out of convenience today and while my macros are ok, again that sodium number is sky high. Hopefully meal prepping for the WORK (what...?!) week will help. I’ll be happy to either maintain or have just a small gain for my weigh in. I haaaaate water weight!! #dallasketo #dfwketo #texasketo #fatgirlfedup #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #fedupfam #healthylifestyle #ketoaf #dietbet #savingmylife #progressnotperfection

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