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What’s Good I Rap 🎤🎧 I Harmonize 🎶🎶 I Know my Worth 💰💎 I Know Life 🛣 My Project Bluminati 🔵🔵 will be slated for 2019. My Video for 4-9 up soon 🔮


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Everybody that’s not for you will show their true colors eventually

Ima #oneshotonekill type of nigga #bang #boom shotty in the bedroom type of nigga

Dope all in my zip coach told me this is it.......... #backonmyshit

#doa #dead just dead 💀 fuck you #promiseyou

This my I’m only smiling because she said smile Uncle Bubba face beaverbaby #sugamomma

So the #title to my car is in my hands I can see it, feel it, I know it’s real. Next stop is getting my DPS bizness taking care of... and when that’s finished I’ll finally be able to move forward without being oh so cautious... I wanna thank God for giving me the dedication to see myself through the painful bouts of depression, anxiety, fear, rejection... it’s true when your strong and have a passion you wind up doing a lot of things on your own. I’ve always been misunderstood and taken for granted, called out my name for being real and raw about my emotions, I truly am an underdog in every sense of the word. I never had someone to love me through all my troubles, or pick me up when I was down. I usually wind up doing a lot of that leg work myself... and maybe that’s the way God wants it to be... the kingdom still has to be built even if I’m the only one doing everything. My only resolve is that one day I’ll wake up renewed and stronger than ever. The devil been attacking my heart because he knows that’s where my power lies, but the devil is a lie and I won’t fail.

Woke up to this text from a close friend. And what’s so weird is the night before I had so much trouble finding peaceful sleep. So when I finally found rest, after constant tossing and turning. I opened my eyes to be greeted by the sun blinding me, I turned over and stared at my phone, and that’s when I saw the text, and I’m thankful to God because I hadn’t spoken about my constant struggle to this person, I hadn’t told them I felt abandoned and stuck in a toxic situation I felt was eating my soul. But I must have been in their heart and God must have moved through them to help relinquish my emotional burden. So thank you for sending me light & encouragement because being strong takes a lot out of you when your a spiritual warrior. ❤️

@the.real.sarahnkhan speakin the beautiful truth about the black man’s condition in our society and I love and appreciate her for that... thank you #Queen but what is terrible to realize is that she’s on tha Otha side of the world yet still sympathetic to the stereotypes we face as Black Men in western civilization... whoever is your King is incredibly lucky and in Good favor to have you fighting by his side....

Cause ya #fraud that’s why u give the upmost respect and admiration for ppl you don’t know and probably never will... but when ya own brothas and sistas in ya community achieve anything YOU DONT HAVE... its #shade and blatant disrespect... ya #fraud admit what you are.... because the road to redemption is acceptance... I expect #hate from other races but not from my own ppl when #iwin stop acting like somebody #rise is equivalent to your #downfall... #selfishaf and I have no use for you... not that I wanted to “USE” you in the first place but #fuckyou all the same... it amazes me how everyday I wake up my own people got a problem with me, well not even a problem an unresolved issue within themselves they wanna project onto me... n y’all really need to keep y’all salty asses inside stop tryna dampen ya own ppl shine. If you got a apartment you pay rent in STAY IN THAT MF... don’t nobody need ya ugly ass demeanor in they existence.

Frankie Smalls, Smalls Frankie..... “When ya own something you can call it what YOU want.”-Frank Lucas #americangangsta #afroking #titles #trophies March is gonna be a great fuckin month mayne I swear I’m proclaiming it rn, I will have 3 songs done and recorded by Mid March, I will go harder, I will prove I’m worth that follow, worth that respect ✊🏾. You gon know my name. #slowprogressisstillprogress

#blessed and highly favored thank god for all my struggles.... 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #thankyougod #yahwehisgreat #tearsofjoy like real actual tears mane #ownership #entitlement #blackexcellence I worked hard I stayed down I kept the #vision in my sights. I knew I would/could do it, wasn’t overnight but nothing worth doing is. #swipeleft 👈🏾 #smilebaby just smile

Big Bro, Lil Bro ima switch my style on em...

#startedfromthebottom I’ll see the top soon... I went through some shit but like a seed I #grew

March is coming New Music is coming #bigvibes is coming... Car will be paid off end of this week... #blessed #humbled and #thankful y’all know the rest #bluminati #3rdCoastin #49 #rollovaeveverything #manifest

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