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First five books of 2019: 1) America is not the heart, Elaine Castillo (this novel blew my mind and I’m still feeling echoes of this book) 2) House A, Jennifer S. Cheng 3) The soul of an octopus, Sy Montgomery (I’ve had an obsession w octopuses for a few years now) 4) Driving without a license, Janine Joseph and 5) The handmaid’s tale, Margaret Atwood

Yesterday was Luna Lovegood’s 3-month adoptiversary 😍😭 We are so grateful to have this furry goofball as part of our little family ☺️😍 @wagsandwalks #wagsandwalksalumni

Welcoming and calling in the New Year with my mini cauldron 💫 May we leave behind what no longer serves us and walk into even more growth. Excited for 2019: the year of action, passion, and creativity🔥

Grateful for all the books I’ve read this year. Grateful for all the ways language and stories and words continue to save me and allow me to grow and heal 💖 | Last books of 2018: 1. Always and forever, Lara Jean 2. The diving bell and the butterfly 3. A wrinkle in time (my fave book when I was a kid) 4. Like a solid to a shadow (by the magical @janicesap) 5. The left hand of darkness (Estraven is one of my new favorite fictional characters)

2018 has been the year I’ve returned to reading. Reading books (physical paperback and hardback books) has served as a lifeline for my mind and heart to imagine, play, and feel since I was a kid. It’s been difficult to foster and create my writer’s self post grad school, but I’m slowly and surely finding my way with intention. Reading and writing will always be a home I can return to 💖

12.6.18 | Happy 2-month adoptiversary to our ridiculous, devilish, cuddly little lamb: Luna Lovegood. Thank you for bringing even more light and laughter to our little family 💖 @wagsandwalks #wagsandwalksalumni #adoptdontshop

Celebrating the end of the year at the Scarpoblador Manor🎄Excited for Luna’s first holiday with us 🐶🐶 | #adoptdontshop #wagsandwalksalumni #wagsandwalks

Have been hungry for all the words recently. Reading books that have been waiting to be read. | Rajiv Mohabir, Elizabeth McCracken, Mark Doty, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Han Kang

Luna bracing herself for her first vet visit 😬 | #adoptdontshop

Luna Lovegood in repose 🌙 | @wagsandwalks #wagsandwalksalumni #adoptdontshop

📣📣Please welcome the newest addition to the Scarpino-Poblador family, Luna Lovegood⚡️🌙 | Thank you so much to @wagsandwalks for all of your help and care walking us through our process and decision today. My heart is so happy ☺️💖#TaLuna #sistersister

Family trip to the local nursery for more plant babies 🌿🌱🍃🐶

Looking to communities and writers of color for my hope right now. Grateful to see and read our stories out in the world 💖 | Jon Pineda, le thi diem thuy, Celeste Ng, bell hooks, Aimee Suzara

Get a new car, but make it fashion. | Family milestones during this eclipse season 🚙💖💫

Grateful that reading leads me back to my writing. Grateful to my writing family for guiding me. Especially in these times of horror.

Feelin’ myself in San Leandro 💁🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

I’m grateful to live in a time when I can see the word “queefing” on my TV screen. This is a gift. 🎁💖💫 #aliwong

Today we signed the lease on a new apartment in San Leandro in the East Bay 🤗 giddy and grateful as we spin off into our next chapter 💫💖

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