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May you be in heaven a full hour before the devil knows you’re dead.

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If y’all have any questions comments or concerns let me know!

Don’t settle down while you’re still young! Travel! Paint your toes a weird color! Be free!!! #Word

It’s been a hot minute. What’s up y’all? #DunkinDonuts #Hi

I’ve been very tired the last couple days and this proves it. I’m not as think as you drunk I am

Pets are such a blessing! ❤️🐱 #Kitten #BlueEyedBaby

Haven’t posted in a while so, here is a life update! For the past two months I have been working at a Boys Scout Camp (the best one EVER might I add), and let me tell you, what I’ve learned in this two months: 1. Communication is key 🔑. 2. ALWAYS. GO. WITH. YOUR GUT FEELING ABOUT ANYTHING! 3. Look at the bigger picture rather than one part. 4. Spend time with yourself to truly understand what you want in life and ONLY keep those that build you up. 5. Call your mother XD she’s worried! 6. You are destined for greatness. 7. Trust your feet. Good night my lovely humans ❤️

I guess you can say I’m a messy eater #Messy #IceCream #FoodIsLife

If you are only following me because i, “give out likes like drunk girls give compliments”, go away. #LikeToLike #FollowToFollow #StandBehindMeSatan

Oh Deer! Haven’t been on here in a hot minute! Y’all enjoy my face! #Snapchat #IG #ILovePancakes

My hair is so thick after a good blow dry #MyMane #GetOnMyLevel

Because a filter makes it look why better. #FiltersMakeItBetter

I feel better about myself when people have less likes than me #Relatable

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