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Had to reset the router


Turned sixteen Pierced my ears Chopped some teeth Hit the ground, got on my feet Did/said some things I won’t repeat Bled my blood in summer heat To get to know the ones to keep. Ran from town and hoped for change Whole new city, a brand new scene Hoped the kids don’t think I’m lame Now I guess I live in the bay, 2018 ha been pretty insane! ✨

I don’t even know what to put here, but hey!

Meet the homies! btw go explore jump on a train and get lost! you never know who you’ll meet and what you may experience (sounds sketch but that’s the thrill!)

Thanks EE-dawg let’s make it happen again! Oh also expect something cool soon....:)

Memories to remember so when we wanna remember we can remember the memories we want to remember

Thank you for that amazing trip so many good memories I’ll definitely be back sooner than last time I can’t be bothered to tag everyone so you guys know who you are love you all, if you other people don’t like the pictures then sod off it’s just good memories ❤️🎉

Who wants to maybe move and become a fisherman in the North Atlantic with me for like 6 months or somethin’?

Wear your hoodies inside out so when you hug the ones you love it’s a softer and warmer touch

Happy Father’s Day! (2nd picture was Halloween don’t @ him)

Thoughts that travel a million miles a minute, and shoot straight through the back of your skull yeah

ChiVo you still got beat mate! @chico_jimenez10

Ride with us sometime

Ian’s posole is “mediocre”

jfjxhdxhxhdj i’m smiling so big right now like a straight idiot and in the pictures but dude, WE GOT BACKSTAGE!!!! heard a new unreleased song by each band jdixjdixskxjsm #BOYWEMETTHEM #MISSIONCOMPLETEDBOYZ

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