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So i showed my mum the video i posted on igtv and she nearly sorted milk out of her nose- lmao

SOmE of YaLl gOnNa bE rEaL mAd aT me BuT it mUsT bE saId!!

My hair sucks but this is a good picture- so yeah-

Yall i got black nail polish- im gonna become a e boy- BET LET ME GET THAT FOLLOWER COUNT 💅

我和Psy.P出门贴海一报找green 🍵

1f y0u g0t a pr0bl3m b1tch sp3ak up!📱📣

*Casually neals on floor to take picture in kitchen*

Okay so im like dead on this account lmao im suprised i still have followers. Anyways enjoy these low quality pics of me👀

Dont choose if you love her then youll cut thing lose dark room indecisive so you know i cant chose you too, you too yuh its hard for me to end a conversation with i love you when i know its not true. - you too by chase Atlantic. (Listen to the why dont you album and support my babys plz) - Bout to ride in a train 🅱 how lit is that shit😩💀

i just woke up lmao- i was supposed to be at school at 7:30 its now 1:43 IM WAY WAY LATE-

So im out at breakfast wish someone would have went with me becuase now everyones yelling (rip) anyways enjoy some random roblox shit me and damian did yesterday night-

So um im hungry and these banayas arent lookin to bad rn-


Oui rude boy shut up!😠

Ya tú me miras como que te pongo mal  De lejos yo puedo observar  Lo que tu mente puede pensar  Tú me dices que yo me dejo llevar  Será porque tienes un flow  Demasio' de cri-criminal baby Similar yo la he visto por ahí Que solo la mire de lejitos  Y se ponga así, salvaje  Báilame pero con coraje  Y deja que esta pista haga te suba el traje

If you hate me then its mutual the sound of your body hitting the group would be beautiful💀(Vulcan by shogun)

Before i say anything else id like to thank everyone whos supported me and was there for me this year and encouraged me too do the things i enjoy and had my back threw it all i love you guys very much and im so grateful that you exist in my life becuase i dont know what id do without you❤ 2018 was quite a learning expericence for me, ive made a ton of mistakes this year and i plan not to make the same mistakes in 2019 for example getting and staying in relationships which didnt have a benfit and that tour me down constantly, i plan to have a circle in 2019 that support me and love me for me and i plan to give them the same kinda love and respect back. Anyways to 2019 and learning and growing i hope everyone year is a good one love you guys goodnight and see you next year❤ #newyearseve #newyears2019

I 10/10 suggest coming here if you live in DE there food is amazing and the manager is so freaking nice❤😤👊

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