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Your favorite summoning jutsu ?

The risks of mangechiu sharingan 😂

I mess Ace so much 😭😭😭

My favorite form of Naruto 👑👑

Do you like this akatsuki ?

Do you like this match ?

This is my favorite form of Goku what about you ?

Is Madara the strongest of all ninjas or not ?

If you could chose to be a one of them which one would you be ?

Do you like this team ?

Don’t mess with Natsu

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Who is your favorite dragon slayer ?

Which of one punch men personage do you like more ?

On of my favorite anime film ever what about you ?

How likes can we make for Gray ?

Nastu is a bad ass

Do you now who it is ?

Which art do you like more ?

The internet is to slow sasuke

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Sora try to kill tsunade (for more good graphics look the video in my page on YouTube. ) thank you all ❤️❤️ !!!

Your favorite ?

Your favorite swordman ?

It is so sad but truth 💔

Name the personage 😉

I don’t now why but I think Law is there 😂

Is Zoro on of the most coolest sword man or not ?

Best pink hair girl ?

Best brother ever or not ? What do you think ?

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