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Today did not go as planned. At all. I unexpectedly had the day off, so we wanted to go do something special. We were going to go antiquing in the little town I lived in for a year. Then eat lunch at one of my favorite places and end our little excursion with a visit with my sister in law, niece and nephew. We did none of those things. Instead lots of fits were thrown, lots of tears were shed (mostly mine). Tried to salvage the day with a trip to the library. Which started out pretty great, until E had a meltdown because I didn’t let him play on the computer. Tried to salvage that with a walk on a trail near our house, this picture was right before he got mad that I didn’t want him climbing down the ravine or picking up trash from the ground (to bring home for his collection 🤢) The day ended with extra snuggles, a piece of cake and a few stories. Social media shows little bits of our lives. Usually the happy bits. I could have captioned this with some cute quote about spring. It was a good moment, but not the best day. I love this kid, but today was hard. Praying for a better tomorrow. P.S. peep the @seattlesupersonicsnba hat, it’s mine from like 10+ years ago. Kid has style 🧢 P.P.S. We hit 78 degrees today! Now back to our normal rainy weather.

Mine! Mine! Mine! We saw an otter off the pier today and we hit 72 degrees! Spring has sprung ☀️

This is E perfectly captured in a picture! He’s goofy, mischievous, funny, sweet, always wants to make me laugh! The punchline to his jokes never quite make sense, but they’re my favorite. He has always and probably always will have crazy hair! He drives me bonkers but I’d be bonkers without him!

Enjoying the sunshine at The Marina! E couldn’t have picked a better shirt to wear on St. Patrick’s Day! His Football shirt from Ireland! 🇮🇪

Emerson and I just finished our first big kid chapter book tonight. The BFG is one of my favorite books! I’ve always loved reading, but fell even more in love with it in the 3rd grade. My 3rd grade teacher Mr. Briscoe had this really cool reading area-bunk bed and all, he read out loud in the best voices and really made it feel like we were in the stories. He read us all of Roald Dahl’s books. We’re starting “The Littles” tomorrow and I can’t wait! I might be more excited than Emerson!

One of my favorite things Emerson says is, “I mismatched my words!” When he mixes up his words.

Before having Emerson, I’d always imagined wearing matching dresses and cute frilly clothes with my daughter. Then I had a son, God knew what he was doing!! Now when I find similar clothes, I grab them and still get to live my dream! Clearly I’m more into it then he is!

Picasso 🎨 🖌 🛁 🦆

My sister Marissa drew this for me! She’s super talented! If you’re looking for an awesome artist, she does commissions! Check our her instagram! @starrymarii

We had a follow up with Emerson’s pediatrician this morning for his joint swelling (a whole other story). As with every other appointment he likes to look at the fishies while I check him in. Today somehow he managed to trip and his face became best friends with the carpet. Banged up his chin and got a pretty fat top lip! I already love everyone at our clinic, today I was even more thankful for everyone there. As soon as he fell, one of the receptionists came to make sure he was okay, then as we were walking down to the lower lobby the phlebotomist who I see and who has done Emerson’s X-rays saw us, ran over gave him a hug, tissues and a sticker. Then while we were waiting his doctor happened to walk by, came gave him a hug and got him a popsicle. Thankful he didn’t lose a tooth or bite all the way through his lips (again)! He says, “If somebody asks me about my ouchies, I’m going to tell them a blowfish hit me! Cause that’s cooler than falling!”

Another successful kids workshop @homedepot Had so much fun making a clock with Emerson! We can’t wait for next month!

Birthday love from my favorite boy ❤️

Reflecting on how different 21 to 31 really is. At 21 (and if I’m being honest from 17-25) I put all of my worth into men who told me I was worthless. I was so insecure-I still am but in different ways. I was so reliant on what a man thought of me. I wanted so much to be loved. I wish I could have told that girl that none of it matters. That none of them matter. That I was beautiful. That I was worthy. That I was so loved. That life gets better. At 21 I was drunk more than I was sober. I was stupid and naive. I went from man to man begging to be loved, but never really was. My early 20’s were hard. They were filled with self doubt, body dysmorphia, self hatred and sadness. My late 20’s and the last 2 years have been hard, but in the most mind blowingly different way. If given the chance, I wouldn’t go back. I am so thankful to not be that girl in those pictures anymore.

Bottle is almost too pretty to open... I said almost 😉

First time playing outside since this guy had pneumonia and a crazy allergic reaction to meds. Not to mention all the snow! Thankful for a healthy day ❤️ Shoes on the wrong feet and mismatched socks!

Emerson got to take the light rail and go into downtown Seattle for the first time! Fun experiencing with his best friend!

So thankful for my brother and sister-in-law ❤️ We had the best time! 🐯 Emerson says, “Thank you Aunt @harmonie_demos and Uncle @andredemos “

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