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My forever girls ❣️ thx for having us @vegas, see ya never!!

Cheers to a long 5 days that took 50 years off my life

Ya I’m happy

Hi Vega$$$

MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED!!!! I hope you feel special, I hope you feel like the only girl in the world, I hope you feel beautiful, and I hope you feel SO loved. My one wish for you is to feel that everyday for the rest of your life. Congrats to @emilyy_johnson & @alec678!!! But don’t ever forget, I loved her first ;) Let’s plan a wedding!!!!

Can’t spell Jameson without Jamie!

My happy face in my happy place @athensohio

Missing my gals a lot rn 🌟✨⚡️

I adore you @kylie_agin

The look I give the bartender after I order my 5th shot of jamo

My best gal ✨ happy late bday to the person who can make me laugh harder than any other. Forever thankful you came into this world 22 years ago. You make it a brighter place just by being in it, Jamie K. I love ya more than jamo

There’s simply some friendships that never seem to go far even when the person does. Emi Johnson, I’ve treasured you and your pure soul since the 4th grade. From sharing our first bf, almost getting our asses kicked in the back of the chorus room in middle school, 367 sleepovers, heartbreaks, from your family vacations that also turned into my own, moving states away, endless Chinese dates. The list could go on forever and it’s only going to grow longer. I’m so grateful we are friends that grow together and not apart. You’re my piece of sanity always. I’m so glad you came into this world 22 years ago. I’ve never met someone more opposite of me yet I wouldn’t be me without you. I love you always my sister ♡

Forever thankful

Thx for coming to play!! Lub u 2 Georgia and back

Hey @madiboring I love u

Better connection than our WiFi

Feeling so loved

Happy bday Connor!!!!!! I cherish u and our weekly coffee dates more than u know. I wouldn’t get through without having u to talk about life with no matter the hour over McDonald’s and cheap wine. You is kind you is smart you is important and I love YOU very very much

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