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straight m00ds going into this week. ✌🏼out social media. see ya soon! #panda @teenpact

angel babies and stand in kiddos. #lovemyjob didn’t even ask them to pose😭😍 #adream

anyone care to help me develop a green thumb? inner plant lady that doesn’t know how to handle plant parenting 🌿🍃🌱🌵 #uohome #uoonyou also psalm 16:11- just some love for your day💚💚

miss you already, doofus

OK I had to hop on here and brag about these amazing siblings of mine (and attractive humans tbh) since it’s #NationalSiblingDay… they inspire me to be better people every day and I die without them if i’m honest. Matt, you are hilarious determined and driven which sometimes drives us up a wall but is also so absolutely admirable. Alyssa, my best friend for life- you are independent, and kind and a bad*ss. you are bold and gifted and an absolute saint and champ at your job. you love people around you with reckless abandon and are so passionate about who and what you love it sometimes confuses me. you’re that amazing. Andrew, you were the most talented and intelligent (and funny) person that I know and I love watching you grow into the man that you have become and use your talents in the coolest ways possible. Arielle, my wonderful bonus sister and best brothers wife I could’ve asked for! You’re the strongest woman I know both physically (haha) and mentally. You inspire me every day and I love the way you love my brother and our family so well. love you all to the moon and back and probably more. Glad our parents decided to give us each other, you nerds💙

this is how I’m a be for quite a bit after this. duces to social media. reminders written on my hand instead of my phone(like those pictured: Khalid tix, Venmo, and Nike pros). done this before and reaped great benefits and I want to do it again. it’s a self made decision and a self care choice. I’ll just be here for teen pact election stuff and some clothing sales. catch ya l8r sk8ers and mostly the h8ers 💘✌🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼🛹🦋🧡🤠🤪🤸🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️ <- mood. (I was not operating a motor vehicle during the making of this photo- @themarthag was don’t @ me) I like calls better than texts FYI it makes real tight friendships 🤞🏼

when someone asks how I feel abt being done w high school in 7.5 monthz: a series!!! today I am thankful for weirdness and freedom and the tape keeping the light of my car in place. and legs that walk and arms that hug tightly, lungs that expand, a heart that beats, vocal chords that make cool noises, and tears that turns to songs because of grace. The Man Upstairs is faithful... and even when you have three crappy weeks he can shine through them and make ya feel like a million bucks. and it’s nothing but the blood of Jesus. & a FaceTime w @madelyn_mcdonald ofc (repost first post was accidentally a lot of leg thx mom for having my back and third pic is a peace sign that got cropped #wholesomecontentonly)

The One When we’re 90z K • I • D • Z #FRIENDS #asif #totally

I love I love I love I love I love love. O L I V I A 🤠🤧⭐️🥰🖤🎵¯\_(ツ)_/¯☆☻

she’s strong, kind, beautiful, funny and talented. and I love her! she’s going places. (unfortunately DC this summer but let’s not talk about that?)

hyped she’s home FINALLY!

here to tell you God is good, his mercies are new every stinking morning evening when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope. John 16:33. Romans 8:28. Psalm 16:11. and if you follow his plan, peace is sure to come your way. if tacos make you happy, eat them. if you need that extra hour of sleep, take it. if you need time to yourself, learn the art of saying no. God loves you and he made you for a purpose! yay! and I want my hair to be this length again haha.

I realized I never posted that I went to DC this fall. I was going through a hard time emotionally and spiritually and justwasn’t game for social media. but here’s a dissertation or manifesto of what I’ve been learning since then. you are beautiful. but when do we actually believe it? how many times do we actually believe that? how many times do we scroll past a bloggers feel good body positivity post, roll our eyes and say “no one asked you, six pack abs.” I believe the world is imposing this “embraces your curves, flaws and scars” mentality because Hollywood is trying to make up for all the lost time they spent shoving an unreasonable lifestyle and unattainable body type down our throats. and now they are trying to recover. but does it work? does it make an impact? maybe a fleeting one. but what happens when we make the conscious decision to step into what God says of us? what if you ACTUALLY believed you were fearfully and wonderfully made? what would happen? you’d act differently. you’d talk differently. I just recently started believing Who HE says I am and I’ll tell you IT WORKS. (morning declarations are amazing btw). it changes your thought process. when you love yourself, you love others well. so start believing it. start genuinely believing that you’re beautiful, handsome, hilarious, talented, smart, worthy and made for GOOD. it’ll alter your life I guarantee it. can I get an amen?! thanks for coming to my TED talk!

found this photo in my memories and it made me kind of feelsy because this was a day at a park with @andrewpmurray and he’s coming home this weekend and it makes my heart happy!

not a huge reason to post this other than the fact that it’s a sweet photo and this is one of my favorite people and I’m quite proud of her AND thankful for all the mems we’ve made the past 5 yrs (especially the ones including live music) love you, marvin! Jesus shines through you so bright it’s blinding. you are berry special to meeee.

feels really good to have this sweet south carolina soul back in the 813. thanks Jesus. * que Duo by @ben_rector *

beach. the boys. my bestie. (said like “bears. beats. battle-star galactica.”)

in honor of my twin from the previous decade coming home in two weeks. lurv u sissa. it’s not utah, but I’ll take it!

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