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Eindeutig ein echtes russen Bild.🕵️‍♀️ @malkasten1991 📸: @isi_plangger

i hope karma slaps you in the face, before i do⚡

man sind wir cute, my wifoo💕

bagger, baggert aus👌😂


apples are red🍎, violets are blue💙, I am better than you👑

excuse me dearie? evil isn't born, it's made💫🖤

mirrors show us what we look like, not who we are 💫 ° ° and we look like queens👑

she is a flower, but she isn't soft. When the petals fall, they hit like bullets🥀🔫 ° ° ° ° #garda #lakegarda #sunset #holidays #loooool #fml🔫

lächle provokant, wirke arrogant und siehe da, du bist hochinteressant👑🥀 @_saschalicious @isabell_plangger @chanti131 @muddi1703 @rvheld_girl @daniel.beranek.906 @nessi_missbikerqueen @annika.xpx4 @lars_meu

Love you❤✨

Ich stand auf drehte mich, um und war wieder tot💎📿 @_saschalicious_ follow this nice bitch💅

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