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I promised that if our team reached $3300 in donations, I’d jump in the Charles River. We hit over $4000. Thank you to everyone who supported my team!!! This may have been the coldest and dirtiest I’ve ever been but this team is worth it. Watch me jump and desperately struggle to get out

No 12 year olds bullied me on the chair lift this weekend! Thanks for having us and introducing me as your sister, u rock @zarsexyluke

3/4 of the adopted sibling Clara groupchat (I’m adopted sibling Clara) is getting together this weekend to hit the slopes. Pray for us and no more injuries or broken snowboards.

Swipe to see the results of choosing a black diamond for our first run of the day

Finally done celebrating my birthday! Thank you to everyone who helped. I’m feeling 22 💫

Spirit night at 7, practice at 8? No problem. Also, come out to Walter Brown at 2pm today for Senior Night! 👵🏻

For the entire day, I’ve been trying to process that it’s been 5 years. I can’t wrap my head around it. So much has happened in these last 5 years but not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about you. I watch this video a lot. Some days, it makes me laugh uncontrollably. Other days, like today, it absolutely destroys me because of how much I miss you. These 5 years have been long and painful and as the time increases, I get more and more desperate for one of your bear hugs, or even an angry voicemail! I know though that no amount of time will ever wash away the memories I have or the love in my heart. I love you forever Dad and I am always missing you. Keep looking out for me, and give me the strength to get through the next 5. 😇💙

3v3 champion of the world one week, struggling with finals the next #SimonesSantas

Halloween has passed. Hold the Christmas decorations. I’m ready for endless amounts of Turkey.

Early mornings feeding the cows, late nights in the motor home, and a thousand stories, jokes and pieces of pie in between. Thank you for everything. You are free now, say hi to Dad and Grandma for me. I love you forever Grandpa ❤️

And we back and we back and we back (clowning around on Ashford) and I WILL be wearing white after today

We once moshed in the front row at Flosstradamus and almost died. Somehow we didn’t. Never forget.

Don’t get me wrong, Bonnaroo was amazing but my favorite weekend of the year begins today!!! See you soon, Lolla 💫

Stretched it out at Puck Cancer this weekend but my body currently aches everywhere #BAMPtooklastplace

@chancetherapper wasn’t the only CPS alum that made an appearance at the club last night

I finally have had a week to process the engagement. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me during this difficult time 💜 and for anyone who didn’t know, yes I am still shamelessly in love with Justin Bieber

Sometimes this old life will leave you wishing, that you had 5 more minutes

Just trying to use this sport to give back even a fraction of what it has given me

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