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Tb to when me and my best friend were stuntin on these hoes for hoco week 😂💚🖤

Yeah.. we're parents now! This is our lil son Koduk 😂🐥 @mmar_ggonzalez

Love ya strawberry ❤️✊🏻@mmar_ggonzalez

Happy Birthday and Father's Day to the realist man alive! It's been almost 4 years since ya left us, but aye I've been doin an alright job holding the spot of man of the house for you and I wish you could be here with us! It's so easy to tell moms smiles aren't as bright as they use to be when you were here. It's sad but I know everyday she knows she'll be with you eventually! I love you so much and I'll continue to make you as proud as can be! You're the best dad a son could've ever asked for! Happy 66th old man and happy 18th to my self

5 years together in school and so sad to say it's over! It's gonna suck not being able to see you every day 😒💖 You've been the best best friend and hope I get to see you often, I love you and congrats Annie!

@windhamamanda Happy Happy Mother's Day to the best round town 😂❤️ love you momma

Y'all can catch us posted with your main 💪🏽

Too lit @nino_duzha @killacam_1220 @shawnchamp_

Yeah baby we live... @killacam_1220 #SponsorUs

Kickin It With The Team

Happy Happy Birthday to this AMAZING woman who I get to call one of my best friends/ 2nd mother Mrs. Dawn Armstrong 😂😊🎉 when I hear the terms "Tough cookie" or He/She's a true soldier, I immediately think of you because you are such a strong and powerful woman and I admire that so much, and you've made such an impact on my life and still do to this day! Thank you for always being there when I needed someone I trusted and talking with me when something went wrong. You're by far the sweetest person I know and so happy you're alive and well and making changes in other people's lives as well! You're the best Dawn, Happy Birthday and I love yoooouuuu momma #2 ❤️❤️❤️😂

@kianlawley IDOL

Too much sauce 😏💖🔥

@b_poirier Happy Birthday to one of my best friends 💯😏 it's time to say now that you're 17 you no longer grew up a... well you know 😂 Happy Birthday homie

It's whatever you're trynna do

5 years later and I never would've guessed I'd be thinking about you every single day, well that's a lie cause, what like a year ago idk but every time I saw you I'd wish you were with me instead of him and thinking if loving you again is just gonna dig a deeper hole I can't climb out of and being on the big boy side trust me it's hard to climb things 😂 but honestly I couldn't think of anyone else I trust more but the real question is, will you trust me enough to make sure you're taken care of? Cause seeing how things go down in your life idk if you even think of me as that guy! Something tells me you don't but I remember 2 years ago you said we should just date and I was just very confused and I was like " was I just really asked this question by the girl I've liked since we were lil youngins? 😂 And wanting to say yes right then and there should've happened but freaked out by the question I didn't tell her how I even felt about her! And being around her now is making it more hard cause idk what she wants, I wouldn't even know what to say to make her know how much I love her. Guess it just takes a little time! Wish it was that easy but like I said she looks like that and some people don't think it's about looks but damn she's an easy dime! Idk wtf this picture has to do with all this ^ but boy 🔥

Afternoon Adventures 😊🤘🏻

Couldn't ask for a better best friend 😊

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