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Outback River


#EverPresent #Self } The #greatwisdom traditions generally maintain that #reality consists of at least three major realms; the gross, the #subtle, and the causal. The gross realm is the realm of the material body and the #sensory motor world; the world you can see with your #physicalsenses in the waking state. The subtle realm is the realm of the mind and its displays, which you can see in a vivid form in the dream state, in certain states of #meditation, and in the #afterlife realms. All of these are subtle #statesofconsciousness. The causal realm is the realm of pure #formless consciousness, unlimited and unbounded, radically #free and radically full. The causal realm is experienced by everybody in deep dreamless sleep; which is pure #formlessness without an object, but it yields its final #secrets only when it is entered with full consciousness, which happens with certain profound #meditative states, various types of initial #awakening and vastly expanded states of boundless #consciousness. But the traditions also maintain that, beyond those three great #realms and states, there is a fourth state; #turiya, the state of the ever-present witness or pure self, the great #mirrormind that impartially witnesses the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states but is not itself a separate state; it is the witness of all those states, and itself neither comes nor goes. The relative #world includes the gross, subtle, and causal realms. All of those are dualistic, for they #embody some form of the subject-object #dualism. Even the causal or formless realm is #dualistic because it is set apart from the world of form. So all of the #extraordinary states of consciousness that can be achieved or attained or practiced, all of them really only deal with the relative, dualistic world, however otherwise wonderful they might be. But the absolute truth is the truth of the ever-present self, the #nondual, unqualifiable, omnipresent #spirit, where my master is my self, and that self is timelessly and #eternally present in all that arises in this and any world. And while you can reach and #attain relative states, you cannot reach the #absolute, for it is ever-present.

🇬🇧 I'm lucky to live 🏠 next to the ocean. This beach has seen me grow, laugh, cry, dance, sing, film, photograph, have fun, read, meet my best friend👫. It was on this beach that I got engaged💍. She is beautiful, she is unleashed, she is dangerous but she is wonderful🌺. She knows how to listen, soothe, relax. It's part of me, the sound of its waves is inked in me. I am an island girl, girl of the ocean.🌊💙 ———— 🇫🇷 J’ai de la chance de vivre à côté de l’océan🏝. Cette plage m’a vu grandir, rire, pleurer, danser, chanter, filmer, photographier, m’amuser, lire, rencontrer mon meilleur ami👫. C’est sur cette plage aussi que je me suis fiancée💍. Elle est belle, elle est déchaînée, elle est dangereuse mais elle est magnifique🌺. Elle sait écouter, apaiser, relaxer. Elle fait partie de moi, le son de ses vagues est encré en moi. Je suis une fille des îles, fille de l’océan. 🌊💙

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