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Every moment with @viarailcanada was incredible. Departing from Canada’s largest city, Toronto, to prairies, rockies and Fraser canyon was something that I could never forget. I was never tired of watching how the scenery changed through out the window. #viarail40

We experienced every season and every landscape aboard The Canadian, each one bringing a new sense of excitement -- whether it was the rolling prairies of central Canada, the dense and vibrant autumn colours of Ontario, or the looming presence of British Columbia's Mount Robson as its snowy peak glistened in the afternoon sun. The small back window of the train was always a bittersweet reminder of what we were leaving behind 🥺 Happy 40th Anniversary @viarailcanada, all I can say is that Canada knows how to put on a show. #viarail40

Tonight's #InstaKnitNight has me on a train to Toronto, a nip of Bailey's in my coffee, and Netflix to pass the time. As for this week's topic of discussion... I've never tried arm knitting, but I'm not particularly interested in it either. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #knittersofig #canadianknitter #sweaterknitting #knitflixing #sleeveisland #ruffledcollarpullover #irinapoludnenko #placesyoucanknit #knittinginpublic #trainknitting #viarail #viarail40 #wherekatywent #whatkatyknits

My cross-country train trip with @viarailcanada was an amazing opportunity to get to know some talented creatives from all over Canada. I was blown away by not only the vast expanse of this country, but also the unique value that each person brought to the trip. Whether it was architectural wonders in Toronto, the cause to protect the polar bears in Winnipeg, or the unique clash of mountain and city life in Vancouver, it was a privilege to see a piece of everyone's heart. Thank you @jongsunpark_ @edwardrow and @kalbarteski for teaching me a little more about the places you love and what inspires you to create, and thank you @viarailcanada for making it all possible. #viarail40

One thing I love about traveling with @viarailcanada is meeting new people. There are always so many inspiring people on board such as writers, musicians, actors, painters and more. When I saw @kalbarteski drawing in her room, I was so amazed and inspired by her beautiful artwork. #viarail40

From @jongsunpark_ • • • • • When I travel, I like to travel at a slower pace. I have more freedom to enjoy the things and don’t have to rush anything. Also I have time to daydream and to thank every moment as it happens. These are the reasons why I always have a memorable trip with @viarailcanada #viarail40 #weekend Follow @wekeendo

The train proved to be an escape beyond a simple trip and a connection greater than a line of steel forged across our massive country… it was a story painted with Canada’s colours and kindnesses and set to the sounds of history and future. Would I take the train across Canada again?❤️In a heartbeat. @vialrailcanada #viarail40 ❤️ (I really enjoyed the train, the food, the people, the scenery, the design, the music, the laughter, and the moments. Thank you @viarailcanada)

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