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Makasih ya semua..... Tiap tahun dapat kue + kado dari kalian... Pokoknya kalian the best lah 😙😙😚😚🤗🤗🤗 🎁🎂🎉🎈 #birthday #birthdaycake #friendshipgoals #officemate #thebest

Repost @igndotcom / Twitter ❤️🤣. @sonypictures @tomhardyvariations @tom_hardy_toma_mate @tom_hardy_italia @tomhardy_collective @tom_hardys_pimpstress @tom.hardy.usa ❤️😍👍👏Thank you for sharing sweetheart!!!💕💕. #tomhardy surprised fans at Venom screening and watched the movie with them!!! @venommovie 💕🤣. #tomhardy #tomhardyfans #tomhardymovies #actor #thebest #venom #venommovie2018 #adorable #genuine #beautiful #love❤️ #✔️3nom🕷🐍🕸🦖👅

Because it’s still October 3rd and we can’t not pay homage to this gem of cinema . #meangirls #lindsaylohan #rachelmcadams #canadianfilm #cultfilm #georgina #thebest #childhood #memories #films

Dear @yellowjulianna , you are turly one of the best ibfs I’ve ever had . Your so sweet and kind and you help me out . I wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you have a great year . You are truly one of the bests who have been there and supported me scence day 1 . Your the best Brianna. I love how ur honest with me all the time and you just been there to help me out and guide me threw this fandom journey from the very beginning . I’m so glad we talk and are able to text because u turley make me happy and your just amazing . Your the best friend anyone could have .I was going to leave my account multiple times but you always stoped me and told me all the good things . Paragraphs long giving me advice which was just amazing ughh I can’t ilysmmmm 💜💖. Please keep in touch and remember to celebrate Life 🎊. Hope we become closer and heThat’s all there is to it .💜💜 LY ! EVERYONE GO WISH HER A HAPPY BDAY ON HER RECENT POST RN AND COMMENT BDAY WISHES AND TAG HER @yellowjulianna @yellowmkz @yellowjuliannabackup @yellow.photographyyy @yellowdesi 💜♥️💜♥️

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