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Exciting News! Did you know this Saturday May 4th is National Herb Day? In honor of Herb Day this weekend I thought it would be fun to share one of the many things we have been working on around here! My husband Brian (who is a wielder) has been working with our neighbors (they make CBD Oil) to create a Still to extract concentrated plant matter. (This is my beyond proud moment to brag about my husband! The Still he is putting together is very rare and CBD oil companies are reaching out to have them make Stills for them!  #bestwielderever) This also means… I will be able to distill my own Lavender Essential Oil and also make a mixed Mint Essential Oil that I will be able to sell!!! (As of now I do not sell any single oils (I don’t want to resell others oils, I only want to sell blends I create or oil I distill.) So many things are happening around here! I gave our neighbors a black garbage bag full of dried lavender clippings from the year before (I vacuum seal my lavender to keep it fresh). This lavender concentrate (pictured above) is the end product. Out of an entire large garbage bag the end product totaled about 2 Tablespoons in plant matter. I am in the process of coming up with a Lavender Roller (Lavender perfume (non-chemical) in a roller ball applicator). I usually resist using a roller ball applicator because it has the potential of spreading germs because it touches the skin every time it is applied (this is why the Topical Oils are in a dropper bottle). I currently have my cousin testing it out for me and as of now the scent is going strong and she is loving it. I’ll be working on the labels with my bestie Stacy and hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to be selling them! The ingredients are Lavender Buds and Hemp Seed Oil. I have a hard time coming up with names for my products, so…. If you have an idea for this new products name, put it in the comments! Who knows, if your name is chosen you will most likely get a mail surprise!!!

Did you know Teacher Appreciation Week is next week?!! Dont worry, I have you covered! The Teacher Set is available for $20. * This set includes: Includes One: Teacher Key Chain (metal and bling) or Bracelet (leather (colors may vary) OR metal) Thieves Topical Oil (1/2 oz.) - promotes a healthy immune system Lavender Inhaler - promotes relaxation Lavender Spearmint Room Spray (2 oz.) - uplifting and stress relieving Lavender Soaking Salt (2.5 oz.) - relaxing. can be used as a hand, foot or body soak.

It has been 1 year since I started my business. I've learned so much over the past year and am beyond excited for what the next year will teach me. Thank You to everyone who supports me, I can not thank you enough. Here's to the next year!💜

Energizing Blend Sweet orange Citrus sinensis oil: 4 drops Ginger Zingiber officinale oil: 4 drops Blend the oils and add 3 drops to a full bath or use a foot or hand bath at least once daily.  For those people who shower, adding this formula to liquid soap is an effective alternative (Petersen, p 333). The blend smells spicy and citrusy. I am not a fan of this scent, I really do not like the aroma of ginger. I had my mom smell the blend and asked her thoughts. She said,” mmm, refreshing!” with a smile on her face. Ginger Zingiber officinale (Roscoe) active constituents are made up mainly of sesquiterpenes which are analgesic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and hypotensive (p 153). Ginger is of GRAS status in the United States. Ginger should be avoided during pregnancy, people with gallstones. If using topically it may cause irritation to sensitive skin and could be a photosensitizer and direct exposure to the sun should also be avoided (p 157). Sweet orange Citrus sinensis (L.) main active constituent which makes up about 90% limonene which is antiviral and expectorant. Sweet orange is also of GRAS status in the United States. Conduct a skin patch test to be sure there is no skin irritation if using the essential oil topically (p 333). The essential oils together make an energizing blend because they both have therapeutic properties that are energizing, although sweet orange can also be used to help with insomnia. I have narcolepsy so anything that is energizing and not from a chemical or medication, I am willing to try! Although I am not a fan of this aroma I was still willing to try it out for its therapeutic uses. I am not into taking baths so I used this in a hand and foot bath throughout the week. I do feel like this did help with my lack of energy and stimulation. References: Petersen, D. (2016). Aroma 101: Introduction to Aromatherapy. Portland, Oregon: American  College of Healthcare Sciences, p.153, 157,333 .

This last Saturday was so much fun at the Happy Valley Farmers Market. We had a lot of new customers and talked to awesome new people. We also had the most support from friends and clients showing up and surprising us! We had so many people it was by far the BEST. I went home on cloud 9! I love talking about my products and why I choose the blends I have and use. I honestly love seeing familiar people at events, especially littles I used to teach (Jack Jack!). We will be back at the Happy Valley Farmers Market this Saturday from 9am-2pm! Hope to see you there!

One of the many ways to use essential oils is topical application. ***Essential oils should be diluted with a fixed oil when applied to the skin UNLESS directed by a certified Aromatherapist.*** Some oils may cause skin reactions when applied undiluted. The skin absorbs many nutrients and beneficial substances through direct application (Petersen, 2016). In Aromatherapy, molecules of essential oils applied to the skin pass through the skin's epidermis and are carried away by the capillary blood circulating in the dermis layer. The molecules of essential oils are taken into the lymphatic and extracellular fluids. From there, the therapeutic components of the essential oils are broken down and used by various parts of the body (Fioravanti, 2011). Custom blending available 💜 Sources used: Fioravanti, K. (2011). Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy (1st ed.). United States: Selah Press. (p. 37) Petersen, D. (2016). Aroma 101: Introduction to Aromatherapy. Portland, Oregon: American College of Healthcare Sciences. (p. 181).

Tis the season for dry skin. In the past I used vaseline to keep my skin protected. I found out at one of Brian's doctor appointments that vaseline should be avoided as it has PETROLEUM in it. What's petroleum? Google it, its definitely not what I want to put on my body. This is one of the reasons I made Body Balm. Ingredients: beeswax, hemp seed oil, hemp seed butter and essential oils. Safe to use head to toe. 13 scents available in 2/3 oz. or Chapped in the Tube both are $5 each. Questions? Dont hesitate to ask!!!!

Another addition... I have added 4 new blends to the Diffusing Oil Scents! Fall, Harvest, Winter and Winter Bliss are available for purchase on the website! 5mil. glass amber bottle with orfice reducer for $15 each!💜 Interested in the oils in each scent? Check out the website, I list all oils used in each scent!

Available now! Bag color varies (pink, red, blue, purple or black)

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