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Today, "President-elect" Trump called Boston a "Sanctuary City"... and damn right we are! A sanctuary from "alt facts" and lies, tyranny, division, hate, and bigotry, the desecration of our Constitution, Putin, pussy grabbing, and locker room talk! America began in Boston, Mr. "President"... elect! And though Boston's American story is far from perfect, every one of its proud residents knows we stand first for liberty and the pursuit of happiness! #FuckTrump #Boston #ADLfisher

There is so much more to see.

It's the nights that I go insane...

Starting my weekend early because sometimes you gotta go where the snow goes 🙃❄️❄️

Big boys in big wilderness make big fires 💯👦🔥. PSA: no live trees were harmed in the making of this photo.

Valley Views

The feminine is our intuition. It’s the voice that speaks in the dark. The feminine is untamed, it’s wild, powerful, ever-changing, fluid. The feminine is what allows us to bring life into existence. Be it physical or creative. The feminine is that which nurtures. It allows us to experience this life in our body. To be connected to the fact that we are made of flesh and bones and that through this body we can experience our connection with all of life. We are all connected, not through our devices, we are connected through a felt experience that pulsates from the subtle web of the feminine. And yet- we live in a world that has given emphasis to the masculine. When we go to work we are expected to behave certain ways. We leave our emotions at the door. We operate with our rational minds. We’re expected to compete, to strive for success. It is a world that is imbalanced. It is not about favoring one and dismissing the other - it’s about understanding that we have two arms, and two legs, not just one. And we can use them both equally to come into harmony. Nicole Schwab —

Unicorn sunset, easily one of my favorites from 2016. 🦄 #magical #sunset

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