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Happy birthday to... One of the strongest women I know. Sarah and I met a casual 3+ years ago in the elevator in our building . She had just moved in and I was just starting to grow a container garden on my balcony. It was some time in May. We chatted a bit about gardening since I was eager to get humans involved, but I never got her number. That would be the last time we saw each other. Fast forward to last year , 2018, the year of connections ..and we reconnected, thanks to our friend Emily . Sarah was still living in my building so life as friends was easy. Since then I have watched her completely unravel everything she thought she was. We have felt joy, pain, love, sadness ...together. She's my biggest cheerleader. And I'm hers. We share a strength, empathy. It's not always easy but we know we are in this journey together. Thank you for talking me into staying on the path, teaching me fashion and music, and always always making me laugh. I'm so happy to see you happy and what you've outgrown. Thank you for choosing me as your human. I love you Sarah! Happy birthday!! 💓 • • • yellowpetalphoto #yycholisticphotographer #soulwork #lifehappens #liveauthentic #capturelife #energywork #lightwork #yycwellness #yycwellnessentreprenuer #yycliving #yycnow #lifeincalgary #yycphotographer #yycartists #calgaryphotographer #calgaryarts #myart #artwork #contemporaryart #connect #artnow #makeartnotwar #livewell #yyc #calgary #alberta #canada

When I left the house to get to the airport, I could not help myself and not pay attention to this magnificent moon! Feeling like being wrapped in a cocoon for last few months I am now feeling those energies that come with this amazing equinox full moon- ✨leaving the warmth and safety of my self woven cocoon, my hiding space, my sanctuary I felt the discomfort growing bigger recently- as the cocoon became smaller and smaller. Is it now perhaps, that I outgrew it? Is it time to fight myself out of this beautiful and nourishing “home” and spread my wings, to embrace my own beauty, my own transformation. This moons energy encourages us to let go of old beliefs, those that are holding us back from becoming the best and most authentic being we can possibly can. I am ready to let go of those pattern that limiting me and my growth. I want to be and feel whole! So my intention is to “surrender”, to be open to whatever life has in store for me. Once again I’m off to be wrapped in mama Bali’s arms. So much magic happens on this beautiful lush and green island of the gods! Look forward to connect with old and new friends. To dance, play and breathe! Much love and see you very soon! #selflove Much love and see you soon #atmasoulalchemy #selflove #ubud #transformation #soulwork #breathwork #reconnect #solotraveller

Today a new group of sound enthusiasts are about to start their sound practitioner intensive with Nicole in schweringen. The intensive training is one of our core elements in the Institut. participants get to embark on a deep journey of transformation traveling back to the roots of the sound, experiencing the core of their being, that is touched by the sound. It is one week full of relaxation and recharging as well as the challenging deep inner work that gives a new perspective to the world. And finally they get all the tools to bring the sound into their own life and into the world... • • • • #soundhealing #peterhessinstitut #soundtherapy #soundmassage #vibrationalmedicine #soulwork #recharge #transform

Bear • Over the last few days I’ve been immersing myself into Bear medicine, exploring all the facets of this energy & their being to identify which part of their message is coming through as I welcome Spring. During this I gathered Bear interpretations from various decks looking at the representation, keywords & card placements. I also enjoyed further research into Bear through books & online documentaries. For the equinox Bear shows me how to manoeuvre from a place of introspection to one of action. A gently paced movement that comes with reintegrating themselves back into their natural rhythm after a long period of torpor. It would be all too easy to rush forwards with tenacity given the plans, ideas & creative sparks I’ve experiences as spring entered my realm. However in reality my body isn’t ready for such an impetuous turnaround. Through their behaviour Bear teaches the way of balanced integration into spring, steadily building up their energy & strength in order to tend to their cubs & provide for themselves. Haste isn’t necessary as instinct tells them this process cannot be rushed. I see this as the reminder to walk before I run. The goals I have for my body, my health & the growth I wish to see continue in my business, these all require regular energetic input. If I burn out by rushing around I not only set myself up to fail but I come to a crashing halt, a message my body is only too happy to provide when my minds not paying attention. Living with fibromyalgia & endometriosis has demanded I listen to my natural instinct more, not falling prey to the enticement of unattainably high expectations. After all Bear’s awareness is relied upon to prevent them falling victim to those who wish to hunt them. In this instance I’m my own hunter, that’s how an aspect of my shadow shows itself. The work here is to be conscious of my shadow & consider my needs not only desire. • This is prompt 2 for our #equinoxanimalmedicine with @ittybittycelticwitch & I. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts, we’ve loved walking this animal medicine journey with you.

02JUN2019 Breathe.Move.Meditate. Silence Nature Meditation Yoga Yoga Nidra Delicious Food Full retreat details and VIP access to registration will be landing in your inboxes next week! Not on the list? Send me your name & email via DM and I will add you. Photo Credit: @the_om_dome_at_luna

"Гарсиа Лорка-Дом Бернарды Альба" "the house of bernarda alba" очень грустная история холст,масло,структурная паста,пенька #thehouseofbernardaalba #alba #paintart #painting #paintapicture #painters #paintings #soulwork #artwork #artist #art #oilpainters #oilpicture #oilart #picturepainting #russianpainting

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