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whats cuter than one happy rescue dog? A happy rescue dog snuggling her puppy foster rescue dog. i will not foster fail, i will not foster fail, I.WILL.NOT.FOSTER.FAIL. #ohshit #socuteithurts #rescuehusky #instadogs

And I'm trying not to think about it aside from that! We have a relatively new mortgage and no other debt. But as I mentioned lately, we blew a lot of our emergency fund and we are cash flowing a lot of expenses right now, so I'll let you figure out if we're worth more or less than $0. It feels great to be doing home ownership right this time. I bought a house before we were married and it was such a stupid move. 30 year mortgage, the payments were about half of my take home pay, just stupid stupid stupid. But it was the equity from that house that allowed us to be where we are now. Not a credit card or car loan in sight and a pile of rescued huskies to roll around in. So while we're not wealthy yet, I can see it in our future. As long as we continue being weird and living like no one else so later we can live like no one else. ------- Side note, to those of you not into Dave Ramsey, does this just sound like a bunch of crazy talk? ------- P.S. Does anyone else get really excited about mortgage payments? I realized we had one automatically coming out of our account today and I did a little happy dance in my chair. That does not seem normal. #networth #livelikenooneelse #savings #daveramseyplan #babysteps #money #finances #financialindependence #wealthbuilding #mortgage #15yearmortage #beweird #normalisbroke #debtisdumb #debtfreecommunity #takecontrolofyourlife #theborrowerisslavetothelender #christianity #rescuehusky #finishrich #bankroll #cashflowing #happydance #mortgagefreewannabe #spreadsheets

Ever met that kid that just loved everyone and everyone loved back? That kid that had spunk and never failed to make you laugh by them just being themselves? Well meet Dolton, he’s that kid! Dolton will be available for adoption soon! Once again a pearler of a photo from @charlottereevesphotography ! #adoptme #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #rescuehusky #huskyattitude #youneedthisdog

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