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Repost from the ever so lovely @grace.95_ : 'Welcome to your new but very crowded home little print 🌙 I'm so in love with this @designbysophiemay print that I bought to tide me over while I decide what piece of jewellery I want to treat myself to from her shop ❤️'

Vintage Lunch Bag Adventures: Thomas Perkins' Lunch Bag Blog! #696: 5/20/2015 - Hey Kids! This Wednesday is Super Multiversal Team-Up Day!!!! Faithful Readers! As the 36th week of school continues for the 2014-2015 Season, Perkins Lad Green finds that the walls between The Worlds have grown unaccountably weak today. To solve this multiversal conundrum, he teams up with his alternate quantum counterparts to find a fix for this odd situation... What adventures lie in wait? HAVE A GREAT WEEK, MY WEE ADVENTURERS!!! ©2015 T.N.Perkins IV All rights reserved. http://lunchbagblog.blogspot.com/2015/05/5202015-hey-kids-this-wednesday-is.html #flashback #thomasperkins #tnperkins4 #lunchbagart #lunchbag #penandink #characterdesigner

My first time ever doing a time lapse, so fun! I clearly have room for improvement where my cinematography skills are concerned though...😬 🤷‍♀️ my kiddo woke up, so I’ll finish later! #pendrawing #optoutdoors #mountains #penandink

2017’s “Slumbering Swan” next to 2019’s “Somnum.” The main question I get about my art (by far) is how I make these drawings. Are they digital? DEFINITELY NOT (have you ever seen me try to use a piece of technology??). To go way too medieval on you all, I just use traditional calligraphy pens dipped in India ink ✒️The main difference here is the type of ink pen used for each swan. “Slumbering Swan” was done with a traditional reed/bamboo pen, and “Somnum” was made using a (very small) metal nib. I love the difference in detail here - the metal nib creates so many fine and precise details and is incredibly time consuming (and precarious to use), while the reed pen provides such a rough and organic looking texture. It doesn’t provide as much variation in line work, but it has a style of its own that I love. I usually opt for the different nib sizes, but I have so much fun with reed pens and did an entire series with one a couple years ago 🌸 . . . #art #illustration #design #illustrationartist #ink #penandink #blackandwhite #nature #naturalart #artistsofinstagram #swan #reedpen

Finished headshot prize for @thewickeddemoness I really loved experimenting with this green galaxy border. I hope you like it! #headshot #headshotbadge #traditionalart #sketch #sketches #markers #penandink #copics #copicmarkers #prismacolormarkers #blickmarkers #galaxy #galaxyborder #prize

I really don’t think it gets much better than fashionably carrying around bags of bread.

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