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You have to believe in the beauty of nature to see it~then one shall connect to its wonders #folksouls#macrophotography #macro_x #macro_mood #moodygrams #moody_tones #click_vision #featuremysoul#seekmests #seekingthestars

Bruises... ~ “We all got bruises.” My astrological reading tells me that.... Things should have turned out to be very positive for you in terms of love, and the realization of what you really hold dear in life. But perhaps that has not been the case. (YA THINK?!! ) As things stand now you take each day as it comes, without really knowing what will happen to you tomorrow. Sometimes, because of a lack of self-confidence, you may make decisions that eventually have serious consequences. ( TRUE!! ) You may be thinking that this is all your fault. Well, that is not exactly the case! (REALLY? WHOSE FAULT IS IT?!!) You have everything you need to succeed and it's possible a few unfortunate circumstances affected you, forcing you to make the wrong decisions, those that attract bad luck instead of good luck (especially when it comes to your abundance in life). You have a right to happiness. And you should know that there are no unlucky stars in your astral chart. All you have to do is follow THE PATH TO LUCK AND HAPPINESS as indicated by your master planets, which will soon become active and influence your destiny... if you know how to call on them. ( WHERE EXACTLY IS THAT PATH?!) Yup .... And for a price... they will tell me how to fix all of this... gee thanks!

Comment yes if you wanna see "before and after" to this photo! 😍 . . In frame @jungfru_maria ✨

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