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这两位有没有很 ♡ . Recently Lucas has been bugging us, wanting to 抱抱 didi. So today we attempted to let him hug didi sitting side by side. Aiyo, both were so happy in each other company! And when we thought the 抱抱 session is enough, wanted to carry didi away, we were greeted with strong objection. 😅 K lah, your HAPPY 就好 . #20mo #5mo #momofboys #instababyboy #instakids #sgmummies #sgbabyboy #sgmom #sgbaby #sgmummy #sgbaby #sgmums #sgbabies #sgkids #sgbabiesandtoddlers #sgbabies2017 #sgbabies2018 #sgmum #sg52babies #sg53babies #sg #brosforlife #brotherlylove

The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection, but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure. . . Had a rough go last week, but we’re showing up fully today. Finishing strong! A lion never needs to roar after a kill. . . Ready to finish this chapter with the best of intentions at heart. So that we can move onward and upward into the future. . #footballmomma #littleloop #buffalomom #footballseason #footballtime #saturdayvibes #momofboys #footballmomma #weekendvibes #momsofig

So this girl had a breakdown. About a year ago I was hanging on by a thread, exhausted, drained, snapping at my kids & hubby. I was overwhelmed 😞, I had taken on too much. My to do list was a mile long and I was no where to be found on that list of priorities. Fun in my life - forget about it! It can be different, my life has changed for the better in so many ways. I have more time with my family, having fun 😊and connecting, I am calmer, happier and more organized. Does this resonate with you? DM me to set up a free call to chat strategies on living the life you had imagined. Get more time in your day, add in self care realistically & effectively & most of all put fun back in your life! 💕

Not sure my kid approves of his photo being taken with his parents🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. My family. #perfectinmyeyes #familyphotography #momofboys #myfamily❤️ #teampalic #bosnian #cookislander #halfcastkids @palichamdo

My truths right now: 1. My Body doesn’t have toned muscles and a 6-pack. I’m ok with that. I want those back so I’m working for it. 2. The loss of my Grandpa turned my world inside out and upside down and I wasn’t expecting any of that but I’m finally getting back to normal. 3. I really want to go back to being a vegetarian but chicken wings make it soooo hard! 4. I’m finally happy. I get angry but I’m working on changing what I can and letting go of what I cannot. 5. My kids are awesome and also annoy the crap out of me. 6. I love and hate our new business. I hate it due to the time is takes from our family but owning your own shit requires that and the vacations are kind of amazing. 7. I have found my person, my soul mate, and my twin flame in this lifetime. I feel blessed by this. 8. Your success is what you make it. I’m still working towards the success I want. 9. I can still fly. 10. It’s been far too long since I’ve been on my mat. ———— Top by @aiyihanyoga ❤️ Shorts by @kosusaofficial ❤️ Mat by @liforme ❤️ #yogafamily #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #myyogalife #igyoga #iloveyoga #instayoga #instayogis #instayoginis #namaste #Inspiredyogis #YogaFoYoSoul #LiformeMat #Liforme #fitness #progress #momofboys #imomsohard #momof3 #iloveyoga #yogafit

Bongkar, Rahasia Cepat Hamil Dalam Waktu Kurang dari 3 Bulan!!! Jika sudah lebih dari satu tahun menikah, belum juga memiliki keturunan. Tidak mungkin tidak ada masalah pada kesuburan. Pertanyaannya....???? Apakah semua wanita menyadari akan hal itu??? Bunda, tahu tidak! Semakin lama hambatan kehamilan tidak di atasi maka akan semakin kecil peluang bunda untuk bisa hamil, karena semakin bertambahnya usia, semakin berkurang tingkat kesuburan. Bunda sudah melakukan berbagai cara agar dapat hamil, program BAYI TABUNG misalnya, Perbaikan kesuburan dengan dokter kandungan, melakukan Terapi Pijat dan mengkonsumsi penyubur yg memiliki efek samping untuk kesehatan. Bukannya kehamilan yang didapatkan tetapi kesehatan yg semakin memburuk. Tenang bunda jangan khawatir karena setiap masalah pasti ada jalan keluarnya. Kuncinya hanya dengan teratur dan disiplin, maka dalam waktu kurang dari 3 bulan bunda akan segera merasakan menjadi wanita seutuhnya. Kenapa bisa? Sudah pernah mendengar tentang Terapi Alami menggunakan Bioentropy Berenergi? Sudah banyak yang membuktikan dengan terapi BIOENTROPY BERENERGI. Jangan hanya menjadi pembaca yang baik untuk setiap cerita keberhasilan orang lain bunda, segera akhiri penantian bunda bersama terapi alami BIOENTROPY BERENERGI. Konsultasi “GRATIS” Kesempatan “TERBATAS” hubungi: Follow: @solusi.cepathamil09 @solusi.cepathamil09 @solusi.cepathamil09 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : Whaatsap: 083122328021

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