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Looking back... i was so happy catching trades off those bollinger bands.. believing it was what i needed... today i am still happy to see those trades back then.. i now know why it worked , I have a better understanding why and that makes me even more happy... ..it was never about the bands or the rsi... it was and will always be about market structure... 🖤 sunday reflections 😉 #notsharpbutsafe #nogritnopearl #just5team #marketstructure #supplyanddemand #forex #forextrader #forextrading

After the crypto phase died off into its “uninteresting” period, then the USD became the focus… it is where the money was flowing to. The “Trump rally” and all that hype.But who cares what caused it, or why it is happening – we’re price action trading here… trade what you see, not what you think! Check out the USD index rally when the US Dollar became “what money liked”… The USD Index had bursts of rallies like this one. Pretty much a buy trade at any moment on this chart would have likely made you money. If you want to leran more,i highly recommend you to get a copy of my ebook, click on the link in bio or send me a private message

#ivsaver(@get_ivsaver) Trading requires a high experience. I trade using trusted signals and when they are not string euongh, I don't trade for the day running at loss. I'm an expert and it's what I been doing and I'm good at. DM me on how to start #gbpjpy #theforexscalper #lifequotes #life #marketstructure #technicalanalysis #freeknowledge #theforexscalper #priceaction #gbpjpy #displine #fx #forex #forexcourse #forexjourney #forexmillionaire #forexteam #forextrader #forextrading #pips #forexeurope #forexusa #forexasia #swingtrading #scalptrader #entrepreneur #onamission #fxmentor

lthough this may seem confusing for the beginner, as price action rarely seems clear, there is actually a simple model to determine whether the price action and direction is clear. The model I use daily to determine the direction/clarity of the market is looking for impulsive price action moves. To briefly sum it up, impulsive price action is when the institutional players (those that move the market) are either heavily buying or heavily selling the market. You can spot these moves by three simple characteristics; 1-The bars are quite large 2) They are mostly one color 3) They have closes towards the highs or lows (in the direction of the move) If you still struggle to find a trading method that can help you get huge profits,i highly recommend you to get a copy of my ebook, it covers a complete price action trading method. the strategies are simple, effective and very profitable.this method is applicable to all finnacial markets. if you are interested click on the link in bio or send me a private message

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